{ OnTheRoad } : Yellow and yellower

By 03:11 Sunday, 1 February 2015 ,

One thing I have always dreaded is monotony. Following a routine has never been my thing and I often crave for a break to some place different and away from home, even if its just for a day. Luckily, my family too, is always a sport when it comes to road trips or short getaways. So, one fine foggy Sunday morning we got up and decided to take our new car out for a run and headed to our ancestral village near Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan.

A mere 4 hours long, the drive does get a little cumbersome at times as many congested small towns come in the way. I tend to get unreasonably restless, generally within 2 hours on such road trips. So it was a relief that I had remembered to carry a book and my music to keep my mind off of "God, when will we reach". We did reach just in time to soak in the bountiful sun. 

As we progressed nearer to the vast, never ending mustard fields, the scene just kept getting yellower- and such a pretty shade that it reminded me of all things happy. Cameras were out within 2 seconds and the shutterbug in us got the best of us. But we were soon able to get out of the trap that technology is and enjoyed the pretty sight till we could.

The sun bestowed upon me all the warmth I needed to forget  my home city's unmerciful cold. I could feel the lethargy leaving my body, lethargy that had found shelter inside me after consecutive winter afternoons spent indoors in the comfort of my blanket. The small village is sparsely populated and you can easily spot impressed, fascinated eyes of the villagers- apparently the sight of a car is not something they are used to. 

We then indulged in some peafowl-spotting while arguing over which one is a peacock and which is peahen. Clearly clueless about the telltale features, we gave the argument a rest and went on to intrude some poor guy's field. Apparently, the unwritten village rulebook says it is ok to pluck radishes, spinach and other less important stuff from someone else's fields, but touch the Mustard and you WILL face consequences. I broke the tip of every single Radish I pulled from under the ground and realized how much I fail at life. But then I scratched the thought and continued with my quest to find other radishes anxiously waiting to be destroyed. 

Watching the Sunset, I thanked the laws of nature and Physics and God and whoever else is responsible for pretty sunsets and drove my way back into regularity.

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