Self love ft. {Zariin}

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I am a realist, a dreamer- a clashing contradiction, I'm only real in the fragments of your fiction
I am a total mess, I am imperfection at its best, I am ten thousand different shades of red.
I am a chunk of modesty with a hint of pride, I am the only truth in this pool of lies.
I am standing tall in my fight with fate, I am the safest risk your heart can take.


I have embarked on a journey of self-discovery, a phase where I am in continuous search of my own self. My daily chores include taking mental notes of how I feel about things and why. This is not something that I am doing consciously, it is sorta self-driven. One thing that I have realized is that it is almost impossible to truly know yourself. You and I, as cliched as it may sound, are full of surprises. A combination of variables, I am not a constant- I cannot be understood as a whole. I am an abstract string of words striving to make sense. But I also can't help but love the parts of me that don't make sense at all. 

This is my story, or rather, a paragraph of it. And I chose to tweak this particular excerpt with a little bit of bling, courtesy of Zariin, a brand I share the common love for subtlety with. <3

We fiddled through our options and agreed that there wouldn't be a better companion to the understated jewellery than this denim maxi- a fantastic, minimal backdrop for the beautiful trinkets. We added a grey cardigan solely because we were fixated on the idea of that knot. My red lips, let's be honest, are loud {and lovely} enough- we had to cool things down with a rugged pair of kolhapuris. Everything was so last minute and not even close to perfect- cuz that's how I roll.

Once you reach the end of the post, know that I am looking forward to hearing from you. A comment {or two} might make my day. 


Styling &amp; Photography: Jahnvi Bansal
Jewellery c/o Zariin

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  1. You are gorgeous (inside-out) loved the post!! <3

  2. Hi pretty. Beautifully constructed post.

  3. Wow! So have one of those extremely cute smiles.

  4. Am I the only guy reading and commenting on this post :/

    1. LOL! thanks for taking out the time to read. :)

  5. Dont know which is more beautiful, you or your words.

  6. Dont know which is more beautiful, you or your words.