Latin Fiesta at {Hard Rock Cafe}

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What: 'Fiesta'- Latin food and music festival
Where: Hard Rock Cafe, Saket and Gurgaon
When: 7th August-6th September 2015
Cost: 2000 for two

Hard Rock is back with another month-long festival with a fresh menu and playlist! The last one was all about summer cocktails and this one focuses more on the food- spicy, flavoursome Latin food. I went for a tasting and had a great evening with foot tapping Latin numbers to dance to and an innovative menu to experience. While I would agree that there's a wee bit more options for the non vegetarians, I wouldn't say I was disappointed with the Vegetarian dishes- not to forget all the wonderful cocktails.

First up from the drinks menu Viva La Tequila was Mexican Ice cold bulldog Margarita- A bottle of beer (Kingfisher or Corona} served upside town slammed into a glass of frozen margarita- I only had a sip of it and it failed to entice me for a second one. But that's only because I am not a big fan of beer in the first place ( I know, I know, you can hate me). Liquid Lust was an improvement- a concoction of white wine, silver tequila, orange, cranberry and lime. My absolute favourite though , was Spotty- a tangy Kiwi mocktail which was refreshing and slurpy- as it was semi frozen. The Cheater came in a cranberry flavour (you can pick your own flavour)- it is called so because it is just flavoured soda served as a shot but has no tequila in it!

Red Rod Fries came first after all the drinks. These are deep fried potato fries, seasoned generously with Latin spices before being fried. Served with an amazing salsa and cheese sauce, these fries did set the bar high! You can add grilled chicken or bacon to these. Other non vegetarian favourites, as I take the word of fellow bloggers, were Orange tequila Prawns (the top most image in this post) and the Firecracker Chicken nuggets with Chipotle.

Next up were these fun corn and cheese pockets called Samosette with tangy pesto mayo- a gooey cheddar, corn and capsicum stuffing enveloped in thin spring-roll like sheets. I couldn't stop popping these in my mouth- they were super light! Brazillian BBQ Veg Grill Skewers came next- a smouldering platter with BBQ spiced cottage cheese skewers over tortilla and onion, carrot and capsicum Fajita. The cottage cheese had the perfectly grilled smoky skin and a silky texture inside. Sadly, I was looking forward to the huge Albuquerque Vegetarian Burrito with shredded lettuce, potato pops, beans, roasted veggies, cheese- but didn't enjoy it at all- maybe because it had gone cold and was really heavy and I was already full! My favourites remain the Red Rod fries and Samosette.

The fun I had at Fiesta wasn't just limited to food- we danced to YMCA with the lovely staff and made our own cocktails at the bar with the bartender. The entire cafe is decorated with colourful banners for the month long festival and the cordial staff greets you wearing cute Mexican hats. Go for it!

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