Mini shopping haul {Trendybella}

By 07:44 Sunday, 9 August 2015 , ,

Hello, I am back with a fashion-related after post soooo long- mostly because food takes away all my time! This one is about my shopping experience with Trendybella, an online apparel store for the ladies. I recently ordered a few things from the website and the white lace skirt is my favourite of all { even though I look super fat in it, yo } ! The lace is made of pure cotton- thankgod for that because I absolutely hate those shiny, synthetic ones. The lining of the skirt is a shorter than the skirt which takes the oomph another notch up. Excuse my wild hair, it tends to go crazy in the heat. 

I paired it up with a basic black croppie { Forever 21} and my newest sling bag { Lavie }. The three-string gold necklace is like my signature right now. I absolutely love the skirt- the lace pattern is so intricate and the feel of the fabric is so soft- and both the lace and the lining fabrics are stretchable which makes it a lot easier to move around. 

I also ordered a pair of printed leggings, a black crop top and the same skirt as above in black- which you will see on me soon! Even though the print is cute, I am not too happy with the fabric of the leggings- it is somewhat shiny and I don't prefer lycra. 

All in all, the website has some really good stuff. But I wish they bring in new products more often and also add jewellery and accessories! If you're in the mood for some shopping, head here.

{ Photographs by Kunal Sachdeva }

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