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Every thing that you choose to display in your home expresses a trait of your personality.  Right from the floors and the walls. We've already talked about Colour trends in the last post, but if you are keen on using wallpapers instead, this one's for you. Nilaya by Asian Paints makes sure that the Indian customers get what's trending globally when it comes to wall art. A curated catalog of  beautiful patterns, colours, and styles is up on the website for you to flip through and pick from.

While I was doing just that, I came across these- here's 5 of my favourite wallpapers from Nilaya by Asian Paints:


One can never really go wrong with subtle stripes in pastels. If you'd like to go bold, there are several more vibrant options in the catalog. Vertical stripes are very effective in creating an illusion of more space and wall length. If used carefully, they can really help give your room a more spacious feel. Also, don't go for uniform stripes as they tend to look monotonous to the eyes- different thickness  and colours of lines is my preference!


It's all in the details, isn't it? If you're into comprehensive, intricate patterns that are artistic and complex, go baroque. These patterns lend a feel of luxury and sophistication to the homes. Baroque patterns can be as detailed as you want them too- the more detailed, the more luxurious. Since the patterns are usually complex, choose subtle colours instead of bright ones or the will end up looking too loud and attention-seeking.

Everyday objects

Finding inspiration in everyday objects can lead to some really quirky stuff. Take this cutlery pattern in Nilaya's deep red number. Personally, I love unconventional patterns. It's designs like these that will help your walls get a unique look- one that isn't easy to find in every other home. This trend is particularly popular in the fashion industry right now { Remember designer Masaba Gupta's lipstick print? } One can go crazy- phones, spectacles, fans, lock and keys, and what not- everyday objects like these make for some really funky wallpapers that give off a not-so-serious vibe.


Geometrical patterns are great for a sophisticated, balanced look for your home. The uniform repetition is comforting to the eyes and mind. However, to keep the wallpaper from looking monotonous, I'd opt for brighter colours! Geometric wallpaper tend to give your walls a very urban, contemporary feel. Use it to your advantage!


Floral is the safest choice. They are evergreen and also, kind of over done. Nilaya however, has some fresh colour palettes and patterns that you can choose from. Floral wallpapers. Floral patterns give a very vintage look and feel to the rooms- pretty and pleasant. Flowers tend to strike a chord with almost everyone.

This is all about my favourites! Get browsing at Nilaya and choose yours.

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