Home decor trends you’ll love!

By 02:27 Friday, 25 September 2015

How much time and effort would you dedicate to decorating your home? Moreover, how much time would you invest in researching about the latest trends and styles- an ever evolving creative space, home decor trends change faster than fashion! That's because there's just so many elements to play around with. While trends may come and go, I've shortlisted a few that I think are here to stay:

Geometric floral

Florals add the fun element to an otherwise monotonous geometric pattern- how about a geometric pattern with flowers? It’s the perfect match if you ask me. Wallpapers by Nilaya has fabulous options for this one and otherwise. You can shop for the quirky wallpapers here or read more here.

Metal finishes

What's quirky, cool and shiny? A special wall in the house that is bold yet beautiful, finished with a coat of jazzy yet understated metallic finish. Sounds like your kinda deal? Bookmark Asian Paints Metal Finish paints. However, what you need to take care of is the wall decor and art pieces you're setting against it are dull and beautiful and must not be clashing with the metal finish.

White on white

Also a popular fashion trend, there's no rule that says you gotta use just shade of white in a room. Pick up as many as 3 tones, create the effect of layers and depth within the same room using different whites. You can play around with this for creating an illusion of light and shadows. Pick your favourite whites here.

Marsala with neutral tones

There is no reason why you shouldn't add the hottest colour of the season to your homes. Marsala is that opulent mix of red and purple that nobody can resist. The wiser way to use this genius palette is to pick complementary neutral shades that truly let the Marsala shine. I'm thinking beiges, greys and brown- lots to choose from here

Try something new

Lastly, I’d like to say, don’t follow any of these if they don’t appeal to you. I for one, am not someone who goes by the books. Make your own trends, mix and match and just have fun! A very convenient way to do that is to use the Asian Paints’ Colour Chef!

So which trend made the cut for you?

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