Only the best for your walls

By 13:59 Friday, 11 September 2015

How right is it to settle for the ordinary, when there’s a chance to get your hands on something better? I personally believe in striving for the best- but I do tend to get lazy. When it comes to our homes- home decor, in particular- our expenditures must be considered as an investment- an investment that would yield returns in the form of a happy home that is able to make an impact on the visitors. 

Also, our homes speak volumes about our own personality and character. The older posts have already decribed how our choice of colours impact us and our guests. Now, walls, in my opinion can make or break the look of any room.

You can spend a fortune on exclusive antiques, wall paintings and frames- but they won’t look half as good if your wall does not match up to the standards. While you can play around with colours, patterns and textures on the wall, one thing that should be your focus should be the paints you use. The finish of the paint is what matters the most- whether gloss, grainy or matte- it needs to be spotless. There is just no scope of compromise on that front.

Apart from the look and finish of the paint, another thing that is of utmost importance when it comes to the walls of the home is the maintenance. While the paint should be able to withstand water, moisture, heat and dust- wouldn’t it be just perfect if it stayed shiny as new- ALWAYS? Asian Paints has come up with something just like that- the new Royal luxury emulsion comes with a teflon coating that makes sure that the paint on your walls stands the test of time. So why settle for the ordinary when you have the luxury of going for the best! Find more here.

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