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The joy of finding a pair of shoes that don't bite into my broad toes is unmatchable. I have the kind of feet that once made me believe that "comfortable heels" is a myth. However, lately I've been more careful while shopping for shoes. The idea of ordering online without trying them on never made sense to me because I've got too many feet issues. Coming across AQshop.com changed things a little. 

I had my heart set on these tan wedges and thought I'd take a chance. The exchange and return policy of the website is pretty flexible too so I thought, let's give these gorgeous brown babies a shot. And they did me proud. I wore these for 6 hours straight on a busy Saturday and I can safely say they are the most comfortable pair of wedges I own. 

Coming to the looks, you'd have to agree with me that they are pretty versatile. Minimal and basic, they work well with both casual and party outfits. Easy to slip in and slip out of, the sole is cushion-y and doesn't give your feet a hard time. I loved how they look with my favourite pair of denims and can't wait to play around with them more.

I was just about to log out from the website when I spotted this fabulous geometric necklace and gave in to my jewellery hoarding habits. The double layered necklace jazzed up my outfit for the busy day- it might be a little chunky to the eyes but is super light-weight!

AQshop is a fairly new entrant in the e-tail sphere but already looks quite promising. There are a couple of other things I have in my wishlist and the discounts are pretty great too. Check it out if you're in the mood for some retail therapy this weekend!

Also, I've tried this 'mirror photo' thingy for the first time ever, in the last image. Looks quite cool to me but if you think it's really lame, you can always tell me. Happy Sunday and may you survive Monday. Laters! <3

{Photographs by Kunal Sachdeva}

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  1. Please do more fashion-y things!!! I want to see more of your fashion!!! Plzz