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By 08:58 Sunday, 27 September 2015 , ,

It's a Saturday and I am out of ideas. My cup of chai sits next to me staring at me blankly, trying its best to inspire me. Guys, I really need to travel- it's the only thing that can fix my very happening yet monotonous blogger life. However, it's pretty things like these that keep me going. Call me materialistic, but a girl's gotta do what she gotta do- and that is splurging like crazy on jewellery. You've already seen Part 1 of my collab with Zariin Jewellery and this is the shiny, happy Part 2.

I live by two fashion fundamentals- when in doubt:
- throw a shirt over your dress
- wear your necklace as a belt.

WORKS ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME. I like how the pink and gold clash delightfully with solid green dress. My favourite jewellery piece out of the three has to be the palm cuff- how great are palm cuffs, right? More prominent than a ring and less predictable than a wrist cuff. Layered necklaces are forever love. The delicate single string long chain necklace worked perfectly as a belt and added femininity to the otherwise sporty-casual look. Tell me what you think- TALK TO ME GUYS, PLIS? <3 

Until next time.

Styling & Photography: Jahnvi Bansal Jewellery c/o Zariin

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  1. I love all the jewellery you featured here Mahima. Love the look totally! You look great

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