Rocktoberfest at {Hard Rock Cafe}

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What: Rocktoberfest , beer and music festival
Where: Hard Rock Cafe, Saket & Gurgaon
When: September 28 to November 8

Coming up with one kickass festival after another, Hard Rock is slowly becoming my favourite place to chill over drinks and great music- no matter the company. This was the third month-long festival I attended and this one brought together American rock n roll and the German Oktoberfest- ROCKTOBERFEST! Think lip smacking appetisers to go with fun beer cocktails and shandy- not to forget, a great selection of music to sway to.

Chug Chug Chug!

My evening began with a round of beer beauties like Pomegranate Vodka Shandy , Orange Vodka Shandy , and Watermelon Vodka Hoedown- fruity concoction of beer, vodka and lemon! Refreshing as these were, it was very difficult to choose a favourite. Maria Maria Cornorita, a cascade of beer slammed into frozen margarita, is my go to drink, ever since I had it at the Latin Fiesta at Hard Rock.

Dig in

The food options were limited {in the Rocktoberfest menu- you can still order from the regular menu} for vegetarians. I had the Carnival Fiesta fries- crispy chilli garlic potato fries with HRC's signature seasoning, cheddar cheese sauce and fresh salsa. You can't go wrong with these, ever. Next up, the Veg Mexican Mafia Submarine comes loaded with beans and cheese, the sub is stuffed with crisp mix vegetable fingers and served with fries and salsa on the side. I didn't really enjoy this one- it was over stuffed, had too much going on and was not very convenient to eat- I am not a  big fan of hot dogs, anyway. I liked the drinks way more than the food this time! 

Rocktober fest has a fun weekly calendar to keep you entertained- "Anthems of Rock" every Wednesday, live rock performances on Thursdays, "Rock to Retro" nights every Friday! Expect lots of classic rock music, carefree dancing and beer chugging games! 

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