Comfy is Sexy

By 09:34 Friday, 20 November 2015 , ,

When was the last time you went lingerie shopping? I want you to go back to that exact moment when you decided which bra you're going to buy for yourself. What triggered your purchasing decision? Was it pricing? Was it the visual appeal? Or was it comfort? How much thought did you actually put into it? You may or may not consider these 3 factors, but the most important one, that is, a good FIT- a bra that fits like second skin is your birth right, ladies. And no one is going to give it to you, until you ask for it. We as women need to stop letting them glamorise, sexualise something as basic as a bra. And I do not intend to say that the visual appeal doesn't matter- but what I mean is that it always comes second. If you don't feel good while wearing it, you're not gonna feel sexy anyway.

You know what they say about getting rid of your bra at the end of the day and how peaceful it is? Heck, we even have a No Bra day. Why do we have to go through that- when we can feel liberated just the same the whole day with those hooks on. I think we just don't appreciate bras enough, you know, as an invention. Weren't they invented to make things better for us? Then, why so much hate. Bras are a woman's best friend, yougaiz.

Also, I think its ill-fitted bras that make us cranky half of the time and NOT PMS. Our daily problems like Mondays, traffic jams, over-crowded metros, sucky office internet, the not-so-fantastic mobile networks might all bother us a tiny bit less if we're just happy on the inside. #FUNFACT: your bra affects your mood.

Over time, the fit and the feel has taken a backseat. But it’s not too late. Just give it a little more thought before buying a bra instead of settling for lingerie that only looks good. Explore, find a brand that understands you. I have a suggestion {like, always!} and you WILL LOUUUVE this one. This is where design and fit meet halfway and delightfully so. I appreciate Triumph simply for the brand philosophy and its application in the products- they are encouraging women to give preference to the fit of the bra than the sex appeal. You will find all the cuts and colours that you need without compromising on style, at affordable prices- but with the primary focus being the fit. Stand up for fit, ladies. Put your best fit forward with Triumph. 

Find a bra you do not want to take off- and maybe we can celebrate a Happy Bra day this year. In case you want to know more about Triumph, follow it on Facebook and Twitter .

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