Palate Fest 2015

By 21:08 Saturday, 28 November 2015 , ,

Where: PSOI Club, Chanakyapuri, {Nearest Metro station Race Course}
When: 27th-29th November
Entry: Free

I went for the Palate Mini back in February when I had JUST started blogging and since then I've been waiting for the real deal- AND it is here! A great line up of food brands, cafes, luxury hotels and restaurants with vibrant art installations and live music- what more can you ask for? 

One great thing about the festival is the reasonably priced food by luxury hotels like Taj, Jehan Numa Palace, Hotel Ashok etc. There's a variety of cuisines to choose from. All your favourite cafes are under one roof, along with some new ones that are equally good. I tried a Lebanese-Italian Pizza from Habibi, that does everything middle eastern. At 120 bucks, it was an alright deal. Also tried a few cupcakes from the Bombaykery and man, I could've had more. 

Other popular kiosks that I would've tried if I had more time {and money}, I'd go for Fat Lulus, Amicii, Fio, Smokey's and Big Fat Sandwich! I could only navigate through half of the venue because it was so big! Would I recommend visiting Palate Fest? Yes, it is a great way to spend your weekend over good food and live music. Euphoria performs this Sunday, 7-9PM, just FYI.

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  1. Seems like a fun fest, with some yummy food to try out. I love how they had added a bit of quirk to the stalls.
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  2. wow..ur blog is so cool....
    and these are mine......hope u have a merry christmas!!!