Welcoming the winters {feat. Lavie}

By 06:03 Sunday, 27 December 2015 , ,

If I got a penny every time I bought a Lavie bag, I could well, buy another Lavie Bag. I am not even kidding, 70 % of the bags I own are Lavie. The latest one, a cream-pink backpack is the current apple of my eye. I was playing around with it on a sunny winter afternoon and this is what happened! :

#1. Christmas brunch scenes

Sporty, festive, effortless- that's how I like my LBD. My mother knitted this fabulous muffler. I can hear the bells ringing.

#2. NYE preps

This one screams nothing but "I am ready to party". Ever ready to ditch the heels, I chose the aztec sneakers and that white neck warmer to brighten up the punk situation.

#3. Back to basics

This one was the most exciting! I decided to bring together all my favourite basics in a single outfit- boots, backpack, black overcoat and a bindi! Picked up this shawl on a trip to McLeodganj and the necklace, on a lucky day from Janpath.

So, which one's your favourite? TALK TO ME! <3

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