Happy New Year! {100th Blogpost + looking back at 2015} ❤️

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Hello awesome people, 

2015 has been a fabulous year. I am overwhelmed and surprised and proud and elated to have build something to call my own. Sequins and Sangria started as a mere college project but grew to become a reflection of myself, a sacred space where I document some of the most cherished experiences of my life. I cannot begin to tell you how gratifying it is to know that you guys are listening, reading, appreciating what I do. 2015 has changed the way I see things, it has made me wiser, it has taken me to great places and meet even greater people. I couldn't have done it without you though. A very big thank you to everyone who took out the time to go through the blog EVEN once this year- I hope to keep you coming back for more.

I would love to take you on a tour of the best of 2015- special life events and my favourite posts! So, hop on.

The Journey

The preparations began in January 2015. It was the last semester of my college and my days were mostly idle. I spent an entire month preparing the layout of the blog, the categories, the places I wanted to write about and the entire look and feel of the blog. The first post was published on February 1 about a roadtrip with my family. I just knew hitting that publish button was going to become my new favourite thing.

One month into blogging, I could really see enjoying myself. March was when sequins-and-sangria.blogspot.in became www.sequinsandsangria.com. I thought this would make me more committed to the blog and pursue it more seriously- this was my very first monetary investment into it as well. Another reason was that the hyphens REALLY annoyed me.

I started keeping a track of what events are happening around town and made it a point that I check them out and write about them. I dusted off my DSLR and got out and about on my own. There's been no stopping since then. It was also the time I started my month long College Ambassador programme with Koovs. I felt productive.

April was particularly special, it was a month of 'firsts'. First collaboration blogpost with Numero Uno, the first restaurant invite for review {at Lutyens Cocktail House}, and my first bloggers meet at Bodyshop India's CP outlet. My life was changing into a blogger's.

I got verified by Zomato in May- a pretty star badge rested on my profile and my posts started reaching a wider community of food enthusiasts. I also met Mr. Vir Sanghvi through Eazydiner's fantastic events- THRICE and each time was such a great and enlightening experience.

By June, I realised that the blog and I are doing fine- I knew because I started hearing that a lot. This was the time I tried doing something fashion-related. Max Fashions India came out with the #MaxRoadTripToParis contest- I participated and ended up getting shortlisted in the final six. The winner was to be decided by a public poll and I did not expect such an amazing support from my readers, instagram followers and people I was connected to through just social media. Even though I didn't win, I discovered that there's a whole lot of people who really wished that I did. And that was an even bigger win.

I graduated in July and was absolutely clueless as to what I am good at {professionally}- it was time for job hunting. Fortunately enough, I ended up at Little Black Book Delhi- a content discovery platform about Delhi that I always admired. I was on cloud nine. The next challenge however, was to keep the blog going.

By August, I was juggling and going crazy between the job and the blog. Still not wanting to sideline the blog, I started exploring categories other than food- home decor, e-commerce, technology, culture etc. I became more confident of my personal style- my blog post with Zariin elaborated on this phase of self discovery.

Turned 21 in September and realised that I am doing pretty ok for a fairly clueless college graduate. I decided to give more credit to myself than I did. My life was getting more exhausting by the day, but I was loving it- all of it.

October was about roadtrips- to Jaipur and Corbett, my first ever getaways without my parents. It was like crossing one more level of being an adult.

Zomato came out with its user ratings in November and I was rank 1- the top blogger in Delhi/ NCR. Such an ego boost, I tell you.

December ended on a brilliant note- the blog crossed 1 lakh views and 2500 instagram followers. Another incident that I won't ever forget- I was shopping at Janpath just a few days back when a girl came up to me and said "aren't you the one with that really awesome blog?". It is a great feeling, guys. Also, a few of my articles got republished by Little Black Book :') !

Favourites from 2015

Review of Ambrosia Bliss- 422 FB likes, yikes!   |   An account of the very colourful Surajkund Mela   |   Travelogues from Orchha, Alwar and Bharatpur   |   A peaceful meal at The Project, HKV   |   The very enlightening blogger's table at Zerruco   |   Lunch with mom at California Boulevard   |   Mind blowing Pizzas at Jamie's   |   A stroll around Lodi Gardens with Chiaroscuro   |   
Last blogpost of 2015- an afternoon at Informal, CP


Thankyou for being a part of my blogging journey. I wish you a very happy 2016. 
Stay with me ❤️

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