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By Akanksha Arora

What we choose to call our Swipe Right of The Day may evolve constantly, but we’re all looking for the same thing – finding someone to love, and getting loved back. I found myself a nice partner who smells nice, makes me happy, always listens to me and gets along with me even on bad days. 

Let me introduce to you Biru, also known to the world as.. 

(please don’t kill me, guys)

I recently had a brief rendezvous with the biryani from Mukhtalif Biryanis, a new kitchen-on-the-cloud in Gurgaon. In a city that thrives on food deliveries, Mukhtalif is located centrally and delivers to almost all the areas in Gurgaon.

My Experience

The first thing I tried was the Mughlai Chicken Biryani. The food was packed well and was still warm when it arrived, which was a massive plus if you’re as lazy as I am. The chicken was slightly under, but the biryani was packed with flavor and went really well with the raita, an item often overlooked by a lot of biryani places. 

Next thing on my list was some Dal Bukhara, Gobhi Musallam and Ulta Tawa Paratha. Heads up: the Dal Bukhara will take you to another dimension. The spices in the dal were well balanced, and it was evident that the dal had been given a good amount of time to cook in its own flavours. It went superbly well with the slightly sweet ulta tawa paratha. The Gobhi Musallam is a good accompaniment to the biryani as well as the dal, since it isn’t spicy and allows a good change for your palate.

I was a bit hesitant to move on to the dessert, feeling a bit like Snorlax at this point, but was pleasantly surprised by kimami sevaiyyan. It was light and not overly sweet, yet did not compromise on flavor. The mawa and dry fruits in the sevaiyyan added to the decadence.

Things to Keep In Mind

1. Besides the biryani, you should definitely give the Dal and the Ulta Tawa Paratha a shot – you won’t be disappointed. 

2. Set an hour aside post your meal for nap time.

Final Notes

It’s interesting to note that Gurgaon almost has an underground biryani culture at this point, with over 10 joints in the city that have menus primarily dedicated to biryani. 

Mukhtalif Biryanis adds to the mix and doesn’t disappoint with their flavours or quantity. It’s good to see that their non-biryani items are given just as much attention as their primary item. One should definitely give the place a try – whether you’re a biryani lover or just a hungry foodie. 

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