Lucknowi Food Festival at Zaffran

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By Akanksha Arora

What: Lucknowi Food Festival
Where: Kasbah, Zaffran, GK 1
When: On till 31st March ‘16

The best thing about living in Delhi is that you don't make a plan and include food in it; you make your plan around the food itself - facilitating the way to experience decadence in the best ways (and menus) possible. 

The Lucknowi Food Festival at Zaffran is one such example of decadence at its finest. Zaffran as an establishment has existed for over a decade now, almost becoming a part of the families that visit the place regularly. The ambiance does not intimidate or pretend - it's simplistic, Indian, and comforting within those very ideals. 

Getting to the food

The festival itself has a limited menu, which works in Zaffran’s favour because each and every dish shows the amount of thought and effort gone into it. The appetizers have enough variety to keep a vegetarian happy as well - be it the spicy yet succulent Veg Shammi (we had to check twice if it was actually meat because of how smooth the texture was) or the more subtle, paneer based Nasheman Seekh. 

Meat lovers, a word of advice - make sure you work up your hunger before visiting the festival. The Dum Stuffed Tangdi WILL blow your mind, and if you're not a fan of spicy food, you'll find a friend in the Murgh Gulbahar Seekh. The item that’ll steal the show, however, will be the Mutton Galawti – with tiny galouti kebabs on mini rotis that’ll make you wish they were your last meal on earth, and quite possibly take you to a higher dimension. A big thumbs up!

I’ve often noted that places with great appetisers have average mains, or vice versa. Surprisingly, Zaffran almost manages to up the ante with their 3 mains - each surpassing the other in terms of flavor. The Murg Pardanashee is beautifully prepared chicken in gravy full of spices, yet well balanced and not overwhelming. The star of the show, however, was the Nalli Nahari. As a hard core meat lover, I can guarantee that this nalli nahari is probably one of the finest being served in Delhi currently – you’d almost feel like you’re sitting in the streets of old Delhi, eating food prepared by chefs who really know what they’re doing. The menu has been prepared by the Qureshi family chefs, after all.

A good accompaniment to the gravies was the peshawari roti – a thick roti with hints of ajwain and saunf in it. We also tried the biryani from the regular menu, and would highly recommend it as an accompaniment or by itself.

The Zoke Shahi dessert was disappointingly average with its uni-dimensional, mushy texture – but you won’t dwell upon it much after the meal is over. Take our advice, order yourself a glass of fresh lime soda (or three) and enjoy floating upon the blissful Lucknowi cloud once your meal is over. 

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