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Cuisine: North Indian, Mughlai
Cost: 700 for two

Leaping Caravan is a food delivery service operating in Gurgaon and South Delhi that believes there's more to Indian cuisine than Butter Chicken and Dal Makhni. It treasures the age old recipes and strives to take you on a culinary journey through the ever popular Grand Trunk Road, from Kabul to Kolkata. 

The first  we opened was the assorted tandoori box- stuffed mushroom, paneer tikka, hara kebab and dahi kebab- all gave us a glimpse of what a great lunch it was going to be. Even after an hour of being out for delivery, the kebabs were fresh and warm and came with a lovely green chutney.

The Biryani was an instant hit with me and my family members- with a well needed mix veg Raita. We first took in the beautiful aroma of the spices and every subsequent bite was a delight- perfect ratio between rice and vegetables. 

Sarson Ka Saag and Makke ki Roti came thoughtfully with a portion of neatly packed shakkar. The texture of the saag was slightly coarse and it was cooked in a way that the spices or the cooking method didn't take away the kick of mustard from the leaves.

I had the butter-loaded Dal makhni with my favourite bread in the world- Garlic Naan and an equally good Aloon Naan. It was rich, creamy and perfectly spiced- I couldn't keep my spoon down. As was the case with Paneer Makhni which was slightly on the sweeter side. I absolutely loved the gravy but the found the paneer cubes to be a little hard. The Soya Keema {minced soyabean+mushroom} was the spiciest and tasted great with the curries but was a little too oily for me. The breads, to my surprise hadn't gone rubbery in the course of the delivery and were good as fresh with a little reheating.

I did not expect such an authentic fare from a delivery-only joint, I was pleasantly surprised. They've followed traditional Indian recipes to the tee and it really works in their favour. The portion sizes are great, you get full value for your money. They currently serves all areas of Gurgaon and South Delhi. Order at once if you live/work around these areas- you won't be disappointed. A big thumbs up and 4/5 from my side! 

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