{Product Review} : Spawake BB cream and Triple Care Serum

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Summer's almost here and while it is important to find the right products that nourish your skin, also need to make sure that you let the skin breathe. With an oily skin such as mine, keeping the skin moisturised without getting it greasy is a real struggle.  I've started using two of Spawake's newest facial products- the Moisturise Fresh BB Cream and the Triple Care Serum. Here's the lowdown after sticking to them for a good one month:

Spawake Moisturise Fresh BB Creams

Price: Rs. 129 for 15g | Expiry: 3 years 

My laziness is the only reason why I prefer using BB creams instead of any other facial product. It does the work of a sunblock, primer, foundation, and moisturiser and hence, it is always wise to invest in a good one. This one, thankfully, doesn't cost a bomb. You can pick the shade that suits you best- I will be talking #02 Natural Glow. 

The  runny consistency spreads evenly throughout the facial area and just 2-3 drops are enough for a single application. I'm glad that it doesn't drastically change my skin colour and just evens out the natural skin tone. Another great thing about this one is that it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. It promises for an instant glow and delivers as well. The packaging is handy, it is super affordable and scores well on all fronts except however, people with drier skin will need additional moisturisation.

Spawake Triple Care Serum

Price: Rs. 399 for 45ml | Expiry: 3 years

My only  problem with this product is that it claims to "whiten" the skin tone- I don't need whitening, thank you very much. Don't get me wrong it is a great product, but whitening claims are just unreal {and unnecessary}.

The easy to carry bottle comes with a pump nozzle. The consistency is gel-like, but more on the runny side. While applying, it almost feels like water and leaves the face cool and refreshed. It is very make up friendly too- I've applied it with my foundation multiple times and it definitely helps in spreading it evenly. You'll need to use it at least twice a day to see the difference, I prefer using it before heading out {as a toner} in the morning and as a night cream before sleeping. The delicate, fresh fragrance is an added advantage. It is a great, great product for oily skin- gets absorbed instantly and you won't even feel like you applied anything but surprisingly the moisture is retained. However, the case might not be same for those with extreme dry skin conditions.

I had a good experience, I started seeing a difference within 2 weeks of regular usage. The USP of both the products is definitely the price, instant results and summer-friendliness. 

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