Big Bazaar's Public Holiday Sale is on!

By 05:40 Sunday, 1 May 2016 ,

Sundays are for grocery shopping!!! I don’t know about you guys but bulk shopping for home stuff {especially snacks} is a Sunday ritual in my family. It is one of the few family rituals I actually look forward to. More often than not, we end up at Big Bazaar- seriously, is there anything that they don’t have? The variety is astonishing but in a good way. While the prices and deals are already pretty lucrative, the ongoing Public Holiday Sale is a cherry on the cake. I just got back from a nearby outlet and the offers are pretty great.

My brother and I spent 20 really happy minutes today {and most-wisely spent 2000 bucks} buying chocolates we love or the ones we had always wanted to try. Fruits and vegetables looked super fresh and we have stocked up our refrigerator with  our summer favourites- googling 'easy to make mango dessert' recipes right after I finish writing this. Other than groceries, our shopping trolleys were full of soft furnishings- carpets, towels, bed sheets and we also managed to score a big ass beanbag for 1000.

The sale is on at all Big Bazaar outlets from 30th April to 4th May- you can make the best of the discounts by bulk buying the absolute necessities. Pro tip: I’d always suggest to spend wisely on perishables and focus more on durables. Other than clothing, electronics, crockery and furnishings, do check out the 1+1 offers on grooming products and cosmetics- there is no such thing as too many lipsticks!

So go ahead, spend some good time and wise money with your family at the Big Bazaar Public Holiday Sale. For regular updates about offers and deals, follow Big Bazaar on Facebook and Twitter, they also have a few contests going on!

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