National Icecream Day with London Dairy

By 10:05 Sunday, 17 July 2016 ,

Sundays are for indulgence and this particular one happens to be National Ice-cream Day! I've got two tubs of London Dairy's richest flavours on my side as I type this. Yes, I am having ice-cream for breakfast and there's nothing you can do about it! Except maybe, get a tub for yourself and join me in the celebration.

London Dairy's got some exotic flavours to choose from but I keep going back to Strawberry Cheesecake. It's got a dreamy, creamy texture with actual strawberry and bits of cheesecake. So it pretty much tastes like a cheesecake with the texture of an ice-cream- best of both worlds, yes! Another one, Cookies & Cream has been hijacked by my brother who refuses to share it with me. It's got actual bits of chocolate cookies and the ice-cream itself pretty much taste likes the milky centre of an Oreo!

There, I have given you two brilliant options to celebrate the day with. The whole point of this post was to urge you guys to get yourself some ice-cream and make the most of Sunday! Get up and get lickin'. 

Ice-cream guys, I meant ice-cream.

Check out the full range of flavours from London Dairy here

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  1. I love ice cream too much. nice post.