One dress, five ways!

By 10:41 Thursday, 7 July 2016 ,


Didn't have to go to office today so I decided to do something fun for the blog. By fun, I obviously mean dress up- but this isn't your average outfit post. I always tell people that life is too short to wear your clothes the same way each time. I often to challenge myself and see how many ways to style a particular garment, I can come up with. Remember The White Shirt Project

This one features a gorgeous navy blue dress I bought online a while back and since then, I have worn it in five completely different ways. It's a really simple, loose-fitted short dress with a full zipper at the back. I just thought it would be nice to share all the five ways on the blog. The idea to put it up today was very spontaneous so the pictures are very casually taken- BEAR WITH ME PLEASE?

 Here we go:

#1. As a tube dress

A photo posted by Mahima (@whimsytales) on

#2. As a skirt

A photo posted by Mahima (@whimsytales) on

#3. As a tube top

A photo posted by Mahima (@whimsytales) on

#4. As a jacket

#5. With the back zipper in front.

A photo posted by Mahima (@whimsytales) on

Which one's your favourite? Tell me what you think. xx

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  1. Loved your dress. You look super duper cute.