One top, three ways {feat. my favourite silver necklace}

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I love my blog- for a very simple reason that it is the one place where everything is about me. What I am wearing, what I am eating, where I am travelling to or simply, what I am thinking. So I guess, it's okay to indulge in a little self pity and tell you guys that I have been burning with fever since yesterday and it's SO BAD! So bad that I am missing Couture Week, a couple of food reviews and any chances of having a fun weekend. Even though my mum has me on lockdown, she was nice enough to let me get dressed and she clicked all the pictures for this post. <3

Don't mind the swollen eyes. I for one, am too sick to care.

This post is about three things- 
1) The maxi top- A fabulous find from Sarojini ( 100 bucks, WOOT!)
2) My current favourite necklace from Fab Bella
3) My outrageous shoe haul from Koovs (I ordered 4 pairs in one go guys, it's NOT funny)

The top has an open, button-down back and two side slits . So I could play around with it a lot. Have a look:

#1. As a jacket- I am wearing it reversed {the back in front} with all the buttons open. 

#2. Reversed, like a shirt. I have just knotted up the back panels at the front.
#3. Tucked the front in and tied the panels at the back in a bow. Totally forgot to take a picture of the back, plis to excuse.

The pretty necklace you see here is from Fab Bella, an Instagram store started by one of my college juniors. You can check out their page here and my current favourite on the page here.

Sailor skirt and all the shoes: Koovs

Did you like this post? Did you hate this post? Tell me!

Until next time. xx

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  1. Wow, it's amazing. loved your way of style.