The Boombox Experience

By 00:17 Tuesday, 2 August 2016

By Akanksha Arora 

Where: SCO 53, First Floor, Main Market,Sector 29, Gurgaon
Cuisine: ChineseItalianNorth IndianLebaneseAmerican
Cost: 1600 for two

There are many experiences that are associated with living in Delhi, and more so being a college student in the city. It's a ritual to go to My Bar after your exams, get hotdogs at 24x7 after a night of debauchery, drive to Murthal and get parathas on lazy lecture days. 

Boombox isn't really a rite of passage - but it's one of those places you end up going to anyway. Upon its arrival in the pub central of GTown, there was only one question left to be answered - Could Boombox be more than just a haunt for bored college kids?

The first thing that'll strike you before you even walk in would be the music - it is loud, perfect for the nights you're looking to have a good time. Get yourself settled in - the seating isn't super comfortable but the tables have more than enough space to hold plenty of drinks along with platters of food, which is always a plus. 

We started off safe with Bacon & Cheese Bombs - nobody can really go wrong with two of the greatest things mankind has ever invented, put together and also deep fried. The quantity was hearty but we were slightly disappointed at the lack of meat in our balls. We followed this up with the Crispy Golden Calamari Rings which were coated with slightly excessive batter, but accompanied with the dip, it'll really grow on you. 

For our mains, we decided to switch things up a bit and ordered butterchicken. If youre thinking, "Butter Chicken at Boombox?! Are they crazy?!", you're probably of sound mind, but here's the deal - you can only truly judge a place on the basis of the Butter Chicken they serve, especially in North India. So we did it. And honest to god, this might be one of the best butterchickens you've had in your life. With gravy that's light yet full on flavour, and absolutely no compromise on the pieces of chicken, you'll most certainly won't think twice before reaching for that second naan. Massive thumbs up!

If you're in the mood for something less spicy yet as comforting though, go for the Lamb Mousakka - which is essentially layers of lamb mince, cheese, and mashed potato. It's certainly filling and will soak up all the alcohol in your body, so order accordingly. 

Speaking of alcohol, Boombox most certainly doesn't let you down with the drinks. Most drinks are priced around the Rs. 350 bracket - we went with a mojito and a whiskey sour, both made well and didn't skimp on the alcohol. If you've caught on to the vaping trend, there's a vaporiser floating around somewhere that you can avail on a half-hourly basis - so keep an eye out! 

Final Verdict

Boombox doesn't disappoint with its party vibe, with the place almost full on a Saturday night and the resident DJ churning out tunes you wouldn't mind grooving to. 

Skip it if you're going out for dinner and just want great conversation (unless you're sitting in the smoking area, which is slightly more cut off). We suggest trying at least one dish that isn't your regular pizza or chilli chicken - Boombox most certainly has a few surprises up its sleeve.

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