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Much has been said about the new Social outlet in CyberHub- and most of it has been positive. The only downside for me is that it's in Gurgaon. I can't (don't) do Gurgaon- mainly because it's like, 40 km away from my place and also because I have this unexplainable aversion to this desperate little town {unnecessary info #1.}

Coming back to the point...

Cyber Hub Social is pretty awesome. Mainly because it is built like a freakin' chawl- with little rooms and everything! I will be honest, when I entered its tiny house-like door, I went "gimmicky, gimmicky, gimmicky" but 5 minutes of casual strolling made me realise how much thought and ideation has REALLY gone into giving the place a home-like feel. From the dingy corridors with neon lights, a cute verandah, upcycled vintage elements in each section, everything is unconventional and edgy. I had a whole room to myself with a bed turned into a table- FUN! The menu retains Social classics {their breakfast tray is the shizz} while adding a few local Bombay flavours. The vegetarians won't feel left out, I promise.

It started with a basket of papads and fryems :) with a tomato garlic chutney. We went through the menu and instantly wanted everything except salads and soups- we're not the kinda people who order salads and soups {unnecessary info #2.} 

Went for an Almond Tikki Chaat and it turned out to be a good decision. It's the chaat that instantly makes life better- the kind that's crispy, gooey, sweet, tangy all at the same time. Other great vegetarian options are Cheese Melt, Paneer Makhni Biryani, and Classic Cheese Poutine.

Gulp it all down with Social's signature Banarsi Patiala or try the new flavoured cocktail-buntas. End the party with the super gooey Lucky's Caramel Custard. Pretty keen on trying 'The Ramesh and Suresh'- an insane-sounding dessert that's got deep fried 5 star bars with chocolate fudge vanilla ice-cream. 

Try for yourself!

Cyber Hub Social Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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