That's how I layer {feat. Naomi Code}

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I have been really irregular in posting this month but that's only because I was having such a fabulous time travelling (my social media has basically been spammed with my Pune-Bombay trip) and finishing off pending, work-related things.

I have had a great, great year guys, and I am super happy with everything that I've put up on the blog in the last few months. This one will probably be the final fashion post of 2016 and features all my current favourite pieces from my wardrobe. You will see that each of the three outfits have one thing in common- a pair of gorgeous lavender pleated trousers. They are so comfy that I've been practically living in them lately. I got it off Naomi Code, a fairly new (and promising) online website that has some really unique pieces at offer. The best part? It has some 18 sizes for you to choose the best fit from. More often than not, the main concern while shopping online is product-quality. I am happy to tell you that the product pictures and description on the website matches the actual product perfectly- what you see is what you get. 

You can buy the trousers here.

The whole point of layering is to keep yourself warm but looking stylish while doing that doesn't harm anyone, right? Also, it is the only way you can sneak in some of your favourite summer pieces into your winter wardrobe. So, I thought I'd give it a shot:

#1) I'm wearing an embroidered sweatshirt with a wrap dress (also seen here) as a cape. Some silver knick knacks for accessories and the lavender trousers to create a contrasting, almost crazy colour palette.

#2. Are you judging me for wearing a crop top in winters? Cuz IDGAF. 

A front knot is all it takes to make a regular cardigan more interesting. I am also wearing a cotton dress (front-open) for an extra layer.

#3. I have exploited the ef out of this technique in summers already but instead of scarves, I am now belting all my fuzzy shawls on days when I don't like putting on a sweater.

And... done! Like it? Leave a comment. Hate it? Leave a comment.

Love these trousers? Check out more from Naomi Code here and follow them on Instagram here


All pictures in this post have been shot by my brilliant friend Ankit Mathur . Check out more of his awesome work here

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