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I am one of those girls who keep on stalling their salon visits until they can't anymore. That final visit too, is triggered by the fact that I have an important event to attend or show my face to respectable members of the society. And while I have tried calling my local salon-lady home, the services haven't been satisfactory and things always tend to get a bit messy. Thankfully, I recently discovered Vanity Cube and now I have one less problem in life!

As you know I was in Pondicherry last week and so, I had a lot of tanning and pigmentation that needed attention. I booked a package on which included anti-tan manicure and pedicure and a fruit facial {all for INR 2050}. Soon after, I received a confirmation call to lock the date and time of appointment and also to let them know my skin-type and any other special requirements. As expected, Sarita from the Vanity Cube team arrived right on time to give me the pampering sesh of my dreams. She took all of 5 minutes to do her little set up with all the mani-pedi tools, hot water tub and neatly spread sheets to keep my room from getting messy. 

We started off with the pedicure. It included cleaning, scrubbing, bleach and massage. The manicure pretty much had the same steps and both took around 45 minutes each. Yes, it is a long time but thankfully, Sarita and I hit it off REALLY well and talked about work, family and life, in general- she was pretty funny and well-spoken and damn good at her job. She paid attention to the problem areas and gave me the foot massage of my dreams. But the best was yet to come.

My fruit facial included the basic steps- cleaning, scrubbing, massage, blackhead removal {I almost cried, btw} and finally, a face-pack. Since I have super oily skin, I was treated with a saffron gel from VLCC instead of the face cream. This facial was just what I needed and included a bit of a head and back massage for complete relaxation- I was SO close to falling asleep! The face pack too, was very soothing and gave me a natural kinda glow that I'm absolutely loving. Sarita was also nice enough to give me a bit of skin consultation and now I know what kind of treatments I need and how often. 

The overall experience was quite good: hassle-free and complete value for money. I have already booked a similar package for mom for next week. Would definitely recommend Vanity Cube for professional beauty services within the comfort of your home. Big thumbs up!

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