Buying the right sports shoes {feat. Reliance Footprint}

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It would be an understatement to call myself a shoe-hoarder. And because I shop for shoes so often {and mostly hastily}, I understand the pain and agony of finding out that the shoe you bought on the grounds of comfort level, is nothing but a blister machine. I end up discarding the shoe after the first wear or mentally prepare myself for seeing my feet with a lot of band-aids the next day. Either way, the situation isn't ideal.

But my approach changes entirely while buying sports shoes. Mostly because they have a purpose apart from just looking stylish, and also, they are often expensive and need to be a well-thought out investment. Buying the wrong running shoes can be damaging to your muscles {or even cause stress fractures} over time. The idea for this post struck very recently when I was shopping for new sports shoes {that you will see in this post} at Reliance Footprint. Just thought I'd share a few pointers that will help you pick the right shoes for yourself!

#1. Go later in the day when your feet are slightly larger {it's a proven fact that your feet swell up in the latter half of the day} to ensure you get a good fit.

#2. Take your old shoes with you so the staff can look at wear patterns and can understand your preferences better.

#3. Take your running socks with you to get a better idea of the fit. You'll be able to do an even better test run with your socks on.

#4. Make sure the shoes are comfortable in the store. It's true that your shoes will expand a little but if they are not comfortable at the time of purchase, they won't be while running too. Don't buy shoes in the hope that they will expand and eventually become comfortable- a mistake we all make very often.

#5. Don't be swayed by appearances or brands. While it's ideal to buy trendy shoes, it shouldn't be a priority parameter. No matter how tempting, don't buy a good looking pair if it's not comfortable.

I've got REALLY broad toes so I have to be extra careful while buying my shoes as my feet tend to feel really congested. Thanks to the great assistance provided to me at the Reliance Footprint store, I could find the perfect pair with greater toe-room. It's super important to have enough room in the toe box for you to wiggle the toes around. Also pay attention to how the shoes are tapered: make sure the lateral side of the toe box doesn't rub your toes.

I am pretty happy with this comfy-yet-stylish pair from Reliance Footprint. There were a lot of great brands to choose from at the store. You can view the entire sports collection online or look for a store near you here.

You can also follow Reliance Footprint on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for regular updates about discounts and fun contests.

I do hope these tips come in handy the next time you go shoe-shopping. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Cheers!

Photographs by Ankit Mathur

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