Upgrade your home with this stylish range of silent fans from Orient Electric

By 07:48 Wednesday, 30 May 2018 ,

We often put a lot of thought before buying electric devices for our homes however, almost little to no effort is put into research before buying a fan. A fan is one of the most basic and probably the most used appliance in our homes and it's about time we pay attention to the latest available technology in the market. Apart from functionality, there is also an increasing stress on design and looks of the fan so that it doesn't hamper the aesthetics of your home. Orient Electric has been bringing together technology and style in the best possible manner since the last seven decades and their latest innovation in fans only strengthens their legacy.

Homes have come a long way from being a basic necessity to an extension of the owner's personality. People are willing to spend a major chunk of their money into building a home that's not only a treat to live in but also serves as a window into their life and style. There simply can't be any compromises in any component of the house. The new Aeroseries fans from Orient Electric is tailor made for this very generation--a generation that wants the best of everything.

What makes this range extra special are its two main features:
- Aerofoil design to maximise air delivery
- Winglet in blade design to minimise noise

In the recent times, consumers have started looking at a fan completely differently. While performance is already a given parameter for them, they are also exploring how a fan can add to the design quotient. And this is exactly where the “very silent, very powerful” Aeroseries fans from Orient step in. Other than that, there's also the fact that we are constantly exposed to the fan noise in our daily lives, whether it's at home or in office. These aerodynamically designed fans are a therefore a true innovation, catering to the consumer's need for silence.

The brand launched the Aerostorm fan in January 2018 which is inspired from aerofoil design of Aircraft wings and is reinforced with winglet technology which further helps in sound reduction and giving an astounding air delivery of 300 CMM. In February 2018, another striking variant in the Aero Series range – Aerocool, was launched. You can know more about this product here.

With this new technological innovation, Orient Electric will definitely continue to be my top choice for fans. Leaving you with some images from the #FansOfOrient event at their manufacturing plant in Faridabad where we got a first hand experience with the new Aeroseries fans:

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