About Sequins And Sangria

Hello Awesome Reader,

Thankyou for taking out the time to know more about the Blog. Sequins And Sangria is my digital journal where I write about all the amazing places, products, events and food that I am fortunate enough to experience. Let me warn you, you will find a little bit of everything here- you might even think, "God, this girl is all over the place, what does she NOT blog about?". And that is okay! I wouldn't want to restrict myself to only fashion, or only food, or only personal rants. 

It's like this- I see, read, watch, eat, experience anything that makes me happy, I would want to share it with you guys. If there's a thought that has been bothering me, or if I suddenly figure out what life is all about, I would want to share it with you guys. If there's a person whose story has inspired me, or an adventure that brought out the best in me, I would want to share it with you guys. Alright, you get the point. 

To make things simpler for you, I have divided the blog into four categories so that you can easily find something that would interest you. I would be extremely grateful if you could just take out a little time to appreciate/criticize the blog, so that I can work to make it awesomer/better. Feel free to leave whatever you think of the blog on its Facebook wall. I am trusting you to not be mean. ♥

If there's any pictures or videos on the blog that you'd want to use, just ask.

Okay! Let's do this! 

Love and even more love,
Mahima Agarwal