{ Quickbites } : A slice at Sbarro

By 10:26 Tuesday 17 February 2015 ,

Where: Sbarro, N Block, Connaught Place
Cuisine: Italian-American
Cost: 600 for two

So, it was yet another stroll in CP and I had no definitive plans of where to have lunch. Just then, I spotted a big, delicious-looking slice of Pizza screaming "Meal @ Rs. 199". The deal seemed fair as I was on a budget for the day. That's how my friend and I ended up at Sbarro's outlet in CP.

On scanning vaguely through the Menu for 7 whole minutes, we put our bets on a Penne Veggie Delight Pasta and a Spicy Paneer Tikka Pizza Slice. The seating is cozy, if not comfortable. It is perfect for catching a quick bite while in CP. The Pasta is served with a delicious but a little dry garlic roll. The creamy texture was complemented by the right balance of spices. I think this will be my all-time must order at Sbarro. The slice of pizza was somewhat overpriced (120 bucks for a single slice- I know, right?) but there was no shortcoming in taste and texture. It was cheesy, had the perfectly crisp base and was loaded with veggies- just the way I like it.

The huge pizzas glisten like a dream on the shelf for you to pick a winner and order- love at first sight, I tell you. The pasta too, is prepared in front of you at the kitchen-cum-counter. The only glitch I felt was the billing system- you have to order your food, pick it up and then take it to the billing counter for the cashier to see and charge you for it. So, by the time my bill was ready my food had gone cold! I wish they would opt for a better system soon. Since I was in a bit of hurry, I couldn't try the desserts but the New York Cheesecake has been haunting me ever since I saw its picture on the menu. Definitely having it on my next visit to Sbarro.

Been there, had that? Let me know how it was in the comments below. <3

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