{ TriedAndTasted } : Pita Pit Lounge

By 10:54 Tuesday 10 February 2015 ,

Where: GK, M Block Market, Delhi
Cuisines: Healthy food
Cost: 600 for two

Who says eating out is always unhealthy? It is a common notion that if you want a meal that is high on taste, you MUST compromise a little with the taste. But with quick-service Canadian food chain Pita Pit, that is certainly not the case.

I visited the Pita Pit lounge in GK, M-Block market for lunch and was instantly reminded of SUBWAY as the concept is pretty similar but instead of a loaf, Pita Pit uses only and only Pita bread, the Mediterranean equivalent to an Indian chapati.

The decor of the lounge is pretty minimal and tasteful wherein signature Pita Pit colours of Green, brown and grey are pretty prominent. I particularly liked the bamboo setting in one of the partitions which gives a very fresh vibe to the place. The lounge in GK is Pita Pit's only diner in Delhi, while the joints in Saket and Gurgaon are for takeaway only. The seats are spacious and comfy for long conversations over tea- and not just your regular tea. Do give the range of flavoured green teas a try if you are feeling adventurous like my lunch partner. I wasn't, so I stuck to the plain ol' Iced tea that nearly reminded me of a cough syrup.

After this minor disappointment, I went on to order my Pita sandwich/wrap. Basically, this is what you'll go through while ordering your wrap:

1. Choose from white wheat or whole wheat variant
2. Choose the size of your wrap- 6 or 9 inch, as per your appetite
3. Choose the base spread- hummus, babaganoush, tzatziki
4. Choose the stuffing- one from 9 non veg and 7 vegetarian options
5. Choose the assortment of veggies, nuts, cheese
6. Choose the sauces you want to be squeezed over your stuffing

I know, that's A LOT of Chooses. While this gives you complete control of customizing your Pita, it is a time consuming process, no doubt. But let me tell you, the sandwich is worth the wait. I ordered a Grilled Paneer whole wheat Pita sandwich and it was a pure delight. The soft spicy cubes of paneer gelled well with crispy veggies and the generous squeeze of Mint Mayonnaise. What I really liked about the sandwich, apart from the taste, was that it was very 'eater-friendly'. It was nicely wrapped and rolled and I didn't spill anything while eating it, which in my case, is a big achievement. Apart from the sandwich you have only two options- the Salads or the Pita Toasties, both of which I am yet to try. For dessert, I had the Chocolate Pudding- just as gooey as it should be with the loveliest silky texture.

Pita Pit will soon be opening take away outlets in North Delhi and I'm surely looking forward to it.

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