{ TriedAndTasted } : The Vintage Avenue

By 11:02 Monday 2 February 2015 ,

Where: Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar 
Cuisines: Italian, Chinese, North Indian
Price: 500 for two

The Vintage Avenue is fairly new entrant in the brigade of Cafes in and around GTB Nagar, and looked quite promising to me when I first discovered it on Zomato (where else, duh). After hearing a good feedback from few of my foodie friends, I decided to give it a try.

The very first thing I notice after entering the cafe is that it is possibly the most spacious one in the area. The next thing I noticed were the chic antique decorations that lent the place a very happy and colourful vibe. The cafe has three different seating options on three different floors- casual dining on first floor, hukkah on the second and as I've heard, there's a games room on the third floor. We chose the best seat which is on the second floor- almost like a cot with a table fixed in the centre. Sitting bare-feet, crossed-legged we flipped through the extensive menu.

We ordered the baked nachos which were quite ordinary and dry, served with a dreary salsa. What was missing were fundamentals like jalepenos, olives, and sour cream. I liked the mix sauce pasta the most out of everything that we ordered, accompanied with very, very well toasted garlic bread. The biggest let down was the white sauce Pizza, which I wasn't very sure of, in the first place The base was excellent- crisp with the right herbs, topped with a generous amount of cheese of veggies. The only thing I missed was a dollop of Pizza sauce. So I'm pretty sure that the other varieties, with the normal pizza sauce won't  be a let down like this one. We also ordered the Brownie shake- not very thick but filling nonetheless. There's a lot to choose from in drinks, in case you are not in the mood for shakes. They will start serving alcohol as well by the coming April.

For desserts, we ordered Tiramisu but were fooled with a fancy version of a black forest pastry which was good but tasted nothing like Tiramisu. Go for the shakes and the pasta if you want to play safe. I'm yet to taste the Chinese and North Indian offerings at TVA.

The staff at the cafe knew its business and was able to guide me satisfactorily. The service is quick. The ambiance is the USP of The Vintage Avenue- a very pleasant decor and good music. Even though the food was not extra ordinary, I left the place happy and satisfied. I think I will give this place some time as I sense a lot of potential. Might give it another shot soon. 

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