{ D.I.Y.} : Colourful nomad clutch

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I am super cheerful while writing this post because it has so many colors and pretty things! I am not really a D.I.Y person but I enjoy whenever I do manage to make something pretty. This one here was made for the completion of a task given to me under the KOOVS Goes to College programme I am enrolled in. It is pretty simple but you need to give it time if you are big on neatness.

I am a sucker for pretty laces, especially the ones with Gujarati embroideries that use colours like its nobody's business. Mirrors and pompoms are also somewhere in my list of favourite things. I had a boring, old, black and white clutch I never felt like using. Now that it is all glamourized, I can't wait to take it out for a spin and click a zillion pictures with it. Here's how I did it:

You will need

An old clutch/wallet (preferably folded style) , a meter of pompom lace, a meter of colourful embroidered lace,  quick dry glue, an old neck chain (the longer the better), scissors, and old key chain (optional), a few beads, some thread, and a few mirrors.

#1. The first step is to paste the embroidered lace in a pattern you like. I chose the pointy , geometric one because of no particular reason.

#2. Stick the pompom lace neatly around the edge of the flap of the clutch. 

#3. Paste as many mirrors as you would please. Additional decorations may include cutouts from leftover laces to fill the empty space, if any.

#4. Use an old neck chain to make the sling for the clutch. You can add colourful threads around it to make the chain thicker. Simply slide the finished chain in the overlapping fold of the clutch and paste it.

#5. Make a funky tassle for your clutch using an old keychain, pompoms and some beads. Thread them together and tie it around the edge of your sling.

That's it. You are all set to turn heads with your 

colourful nomadic clutch!

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