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What: Palate Mini Food Fest
Where: Nehru Park, Vinay Marg, Chanakyapuri
When: 12th-14th March, 2015
Entry: Free

NDMC's Palate Food Fest, that debuted last fall, is a real blessing for Delhi's food lovers as it brings together the best of cafes, delis and bakeries of the city together. The food festival's mini version was recently organised that gave us a glimpse of what's to come in the second, full-fledged season of the Palate Food Fest. This time round, the options were limited but enough to cheer you up.

I was instantly happy as I entered the park, even before I had something to try. The place was a vibrant riot of colours with beautiful pop ups and shacks by the participating food joints and food professionals. The smell of live grills and fresh baking was a delight for the senses, as was the peppy music that played in the background. Overall, the ambiance was cheerful and super-relaxed. Light drizzles and cool breezes further accentuated the whole experience.

The very first thing I did was find my perfect red velvet cupcake, which I had been craving since ages. Finally found it on 'Jaya's Cakewalk'. It was simply melt in mouth with a divine frosting. I swear, I could've had atleast a dozen. Next, I was looking for a light bite and landed up at Chaayos, the city's newest chai specialist and had a super spicy Vada Pao. Definitely visiting its outlet soon for some tea-loving. Other than this, I tried on some freshly whipped red velvet icecream from Azote, which was the first I have ever had. Some of the other shacks I checked out were Divine-e-licious (bakery), the gourmet jar (pickles and jams), Lucky's (bakery),  and Sugar story (bakery). So basically, I was a mad sweet-hunter throughout the festival. Desserts for maincourse? Yes, please.

And that's me all pumped up because I had seen too many pretty (and edible) things at once! 


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