{ Food Trail } : Tibetan Colony

By 23:49 Tuesday 17 March 2015 ,

Where: Rigo Restaurant, Tibetan residential colony, near Majnu ka Tila
Cuisines: Tibetan, Chinese, North-Indian
Cost: 600 for two

This little known area is a hub for many cafes and restaurants hidden in narrow lanes, majority of which serve Tibetan food. I'm not a fan of Tibetan food but have a soft corner for good, not 'Indianised' Chinese food. Rigo was recommended by one of my friends and so I decided to try it. Excuse me for bad pictures, but I was tired and hungry and didn't feel like even picking up the camera.

The first thing you'll notice about Rigo is the very calming decor. I'll be honest, I never excepted a cafe this clean and aesthetically sound in a locality like this. The furniture is very basic and the place is adorned with typical coral and turquoise Tibetan art pieces. The staff is very polite and will help you pick something of your taste if you get indecisive like me while flipping through the extensive menu. We decided to go for Fried Vegetable WontonsCold coffee and Crispy Garlic Veggies. The coffee was a refreshing one and as thick as it should be. The wontons were delicious but a tad too oily, so much so that we had to dab them with tissues before eating. So yeah, not ordering those again. The crispy garlic veggies were perfect, spicy and tangy and served on a sizzling platter- something about sizzling trays gets me all excited. Definitely ordering this again.

Unfortunately, we couldn't order any desserts because we were so full, thanks to the generous portions Rigo serves. So we went on for a stroll in the area and a little bit of shopping (you can buy super cool shoes and accessories from the little shops in the lanes). However, we were definitely up for some tea, which makes Ama, the breakfast cafe, our next stop. I give Rigo a good three out of five.

Where: Ama cafe, Tibetan residential colony, near Majnu ka Tila
Cuisines: Cafe, breakfast, desserts
Cost: 450 for two

As much as the desserts at Ama's shelf were tempting me, I couldn't bring myself to order any because I was stuffed enough. I was craving for some soothing tea after all the spicy Chinese food and ordered a Honey-Lemon-Ginger tea. It was just what I needed and felt better with every next sip. The strong ginger flavour with a hint of sweetness from the honey and the zesty twist of lemon- that's  just my kind of perfect cuppa.
We also ordered the Mint variant, which had a very refreshing menthol aftertaste that lingered on. It was good, but I think I'll always prefer ginger over mint when it comes to tea. 

Let me tell you, this is only part one and this food trail shall continue. I am keen on trying the Tibetan cheesecake and many more sugars at Ama and have two other cafes in the area on my list. Cannot rate Ama yet, but I have a feeling it will be a good number when I do.

And that's me smiling at my friend Bhawna who is also my very unprofessional, personal photographer. Ok bye!

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