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The first time I ever heard about and got a trial of L'Occitane was at its 5th anniversary in India which was celebrated at the French Embassy in the capital with a fab musical evening. Since then, it has slowly become my favourite (note, natural) skincare brand and I'll tell you why. Firstly, the products do what they claim to do. And secondly, I thoroughly enjoy using the products because of the divine smell and feel they leave my skin with.

Made with natural French flowers and plants and essential oils, L'Occitane products are simply luxury for skin. I recently visited the brand's adorable little roadshow at DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj where I was given some of its products to sample (thanks to my awesome part-time writing spree for www.luxepointindia.com), and came back with a cutesy little pouch full of goodies and my super-weird photobooth pictures. Read more about the roadshow here.

After using them all up, I am here to share some snippets. Read on for some general info about the products I sampled and a brief personal take:

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream

With the goodness of apricot oil, shea butter and moisturizing extracts like linseed and honey, it is perfect for winters and will leave your skin intensely moisturized for hours. The cream gets absorbed completely and gives my skin a soft, non-greasy feel, unlike typical cold creams.
Price: Rs. 2,990 { 200 ml }

Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid

Not a day goes by where I don't wish I didn't have such an oily skin. The matte fluid helped me get rid of that unwanted oily sheen on my face without making it look completely dry. A lesser oily skin also makes the complexion instantly better. 
Price: Rs. 2,990 { 50 ml }

Immortelle Brightening Essence

This one is definitely the star among all the products I have mentioned in this post. It is a beauty concoction of the flowers of light - Immortelle and Bellis Perennis- to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, even out skin tone and illuminate the complexion. Seven days of regular usage can give a more radiant skin.
Price: Rs. 4,490 { 30 ml }

Fleur d'Or & Acacia Body Milk

This is the body milk I have been waiting for all my life. Perfect for use all year long, it is made with mimosa absolute from Grasse as well as Mediterranean acacia. It is so light to apply and doesn't make the skin oily but keeps it moisturized for the whole day. It has a delightful strong fragrance that eliminates the need of any perfumes or deodorants!

Price: Rs. 1,590 { 175 ml }

Arlesienne Hand Cream

This has become my staple and I use it atleast twice a day. It makes my hands super-soft and they smell like a garden! It is made with a fusion of three exotic Fench flowers and has a very feminine scent that lingers. One of my favourites from L'Occitane.
Price: Rs. 660 { 30 ml }

Almond Delicious Hands

Enriched with softening almond milk and smoothing almond proteins, this light hand cream instantly moisturizes your hands’ skin. Just a tiny bit is enough which leaves behind the delicate fragrance of almond tree flowers.
Price: Rs. 650 { 30 ml }

Shea Butter Foot Cream

I think my feet is the most ignored body part when it comes to skincare. I never realized the need for a foot cream until I saw what a good one like this can do! The cream has natural soothing agents like lavender and shea butter that relieves irrated and tired feet.
Price: Rs. 650 { 30 ml }

Immortelle Essential Water

This alcohol-free toner is good for everyday use in summers to instantly refresh your face. It is very convenient to use as it comes in a handy, spray-on bottle. It also keeps your skin safe from the dirt and pollution and is also great for removing any left-out traces of makeup.
Price: Rs. 1,750 { 200 ml }

**All products can be ordered online at in.loccitane.com **

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