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Where: Deer Park, Park Balluchi, Hauz Khas Village
Cuisines: Italian, Chinese, Continental
Cost: 1500 for two

A meal at The Project feels like you're out for a vacation. The place is so calming that it just doesn't feel like you are sitting in the otherwise chaotic Hauz Khas Village. Imagine a cute cottage like dining area in the middle of fresh greenery while deers play peek a boo with you from the bushes. Welcome to The Project, a completely transformed and renovated Park Balluchi in the deer park, Hauz Khas Village. Your search for the perfect place for your next date is over.

This place definitely has one of the best ( read: romantic) ambience in all of Hauz Khas Village and isn't very expensive like most of the cafes in the area. So first of all, YAY! It looks even prettier in the evening with the lighting with the perfect outdoor seating, but if you plan to go during day, the minimal interiors are just as pleasant. And check out this cool-in-a-weird-sort-of-way art on one of its walls.

My friend and I ordered a Virgin Mojito and a Virgin Pina Colada because they sounded so refreshing. It was a really hot afternoon and these delicious mocktails sure helped us beat the heat. The mojito was a little high on sweetness and that's exactly why I liked it. Pina colada was an excellent choice, creamy but not to thick, and a subtle coconutty aftertaste. There's also a good lot of cocktails (there's a live bar) and drinks to choose from.

The very first thing that comes to my mind while browsing any food menu is "Hmm. What could be the cheesiest item in here?" I put my bets on the Mozzarella Bombs and found myself drooling at the very name of it. Served with some fresh lettuce and mint mayonnaise, these came stuffed with a simple mixture of mozarella and risotto with some herbs, chilly flakes and a hint of tomato jam. Every time you take a bite, you'll hear a crunch and will be met with irresistible cheese strings. Also, couldn't think of a better accompaniment for this other than mint mayo.

We then ordered a Dips Bench which was like a Lebanese platter and had hummus, beetroot tzatziki, moutabel (an eggplant dip very similar to baba ganoush), fresh tomato-olive-pineapple salad topped with sour cream, to go with garlic sticks and crispies, falafel, pita bread and cheese rolls. I'd say, the beetroot tzatziki in the prettiest of pinks was my favourite, after hummus. Pita bread was soft and super light and airy. Falafel and cheese rolls made for nice, versatile sides with the dips. The platter was a symphony. Everything complemented everything!

The Project serves wood fired gourmet pizzas with exotic toppings. We ordered a Grilled Vegetable and Goat's Cheese pizza that came loaded with aubergine, zucchini, bell peppers, jalepeno, caramelized onion with a classic spread of tomato sauce. The aubergine had a very smoky undertone that might not be liked by everyone, but I enjoyed it. The pizza was very different than what I usually have and it has prompted me try out new toppings instead sticking to my favourites all the time! 

Another very signature dish on the menu are the dessert pizzas. So, there's caramel-apple, chocolate almond and orange, and nutella and banana. Didn't bother to think twice as soon as I heard 'NUTELLA' and ordered the glorious Nutella and Banana dessert pizza drizzled with caramel and chocolate syrup. It was so perfect, I still think about it sometimes. Had no idea that nutella tastes so good with banana, and the crisp pizza base just adds to the fun. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT forget to order this when you visit The Project.

I had an amazing experience at The Project and I can't wait to visit again when the weather is a wee bit better. Been there, had that? Let me know how it went! A 4 out 5 for this one from my side.

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