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Yay! Roadtrip! Yay! I have planned a roadtrip to Agra with my family and have already put together a few travel essentials in my backpack because I'M SO EXCITED! I have never seen the Taj Mahal and have been begging dad to take me there but each time we planned the trip, it got cancelled. Hence, all this excitement.

So, this is what you will always find in my backback, apart from my DSLR and the book I am reading. A few wet wipes, coolest pair of sunnies because there's going to be so many photo ops, a journal to jot down excerpts from the trip, lip balm, Kama Vetiver pure water face mist (a few sprays throughout the day and your face feels fresh as dew), L'Occitane Arlesienne handcream, an iPod with all my favourite songs and something refreshing to drink.

Since I whole-heartedly condemn fizzy, aerated packaged drinks, I was looking for something fruity, summery and refreshing. That's when I came across this new TVC by Tropicana Slice starring Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapoor.

I ordered half a dozen for the road trip from Amazon.in , where the drink is available online. Slice has always been one of my favourite drinks because I happen to be born with an undying love for mangoes. It is such a delicious fruit with the most amazing texture and the versatility to be used in so many mocktails, desserts and even curries. I adore mangoes ever since I was little, and this luxurious fruit was the only reason I'd wait for summers. My favourite varities include the mighty alphonso, Sindoori and Langra. 

India is blessed with so many places that grow the world's best mangoes, Ratnagiri being one of them. The new Slice is made from hand picked Ratnagiri alphonsoes that lend it an authentic flavour and texture. Thus, you can now experience the joy of eating this world-famous mango variety through Tropicana Slice Alphonso.

Priced quite reasonably at Rs. 50 for a 600 ml bottle, I'd say Slice Alphonso is one of my most preferred drinks this summer. The flavour of mangoes burst in your mouth with every sip without giving your stomach a feeling of fullness while keeping you hydrated in the summers. You can use it and innovate so many fun mocktails whenever you throw your next pool party or a get-together! 

I hope to make my road trip even more enriching with Slice, what about you?

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