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Where: High Street, Ground Floor, Select Citywalk, Saket
Serves: Shakes, ice creams
Cost: 500 for two

Our favourite shakes joint has a new, fancier outlet in Delhi's plush Select Citywalk, serving delicious shakes and gelatos to shoppers from  its kiosk on the exteriors of the mall. Being a regular to its CP outlet and visiting this one for the first time, I'd say the brand has come a long way. It continues to prosper since 1922 and is all set to open another outlet in DLF Promenade soon. 

Apart from the location, the menu at Keventers has also seen an upgrade. While classics like Vanilla, Butterscotch, Strawberry and Kesar Pista still made it to the new menu, there's also a fun, new range of premium shakes with richer ingredients like peanut butter, caramel, oreo, hazelnut, syrups, etc. Also at offer is a very interesting range of gelatos that are not really as thick as typical gelatos, semi-slurpy, I'd say. The classic shakes are served in cute, reusable glass bottles with caps, that you can take home as a souvenir (I did, LOL, expect a DIY soon). 

I tasted one item from each of the three sections (Classics, Shakes, Gelatos) on the menu. Very first one was Butterscotch (priced at Rs. 125) with a beautiful, summery yellow colour. It was not as chilled as I wanted it to be but tasted alright. The butterscotch flavour is a delightful signature at Keventer you cannot go wrong with. The classic shakes are solely milk-based with no ice-creams, so they are not very thick. If you like your shakes thick, go for the newly added premium shakes. 

The best sellers in the new flavours are Choco-peanutbutter and Chocolate Hazelnut (priced at Rs. 215 and Rs. 225 respectively). I went for the latter and it was just sinfully creamy, rich, filling and everything else you'd want your chocolate shake to be. It had my favourite hazelnut flavour and quite a prominent one at that. This one was way thicker than the classic butterscotch shake and super-chilled with somewhat icy texture. Loved this one the most, keen on trying the peanut butter variant next time.

Next up, I ordered a Mint Cookie-cream Gelato because I had heard a lot about this flavour and wanted to try something I haven't had before. A beautiful mint hued gelato with crumbs of oreo came in a handy cup. The texture of the gelato was smooth and creamy, thicker than a shake and runnier than an ice cream. It had a refreshing peppermint flavour, one big bite is enough to freshen you up in the summers! The oreo crumbs added even more zing to the flavour and went really well with the mint gelato. The brand is also planning to introduce smoothies and ice-creams in its menu soon.

The outlet is designed in a way that recreates the old world charm of the colonial era with elements like vintage phones and typewriters. The service is quick and there is seating for 4-5 people outside the kiosk. However, you can easily have your shakes and ice creams on the go. I visited the outlet for a tasting session on a really hot afternoon, but these chilled slurpies and my super-big sunnies saved me. 

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