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Where: Terrace floor, Kundan Mansion (next to Delhi Stock Exchange), Asaf Ali Road
Cuisine: Italian, Chinese, North Indian
Cost: 600 for two

I discovered this place with a coincidence- these guys were holding an online food photography competition and I sent in my entry. But the pretty pictures of the cafe made me want to try it out, even if it is a little far from my place. Cafe Inniciio in Daryaganj is located on the rooftop of an office building, artistically decorated with the simplest of things. The atmosphere is super chilled out- you can come here and spend hours with board games, playing cards, soulful music, a stunning view, comfy beanbag seating and live band performances in the evening. The whole point of the place is to give yourself a little break.

The rooftop location isn't really perfect for summers so I advise you to visit Inniciio in the evening or at night. I happened to visit on a hot afternoon and was and finally found it after climbing four flights of stairs. So, it's like this- if you are a first time visitor and you enter the old office building- you might feel you are in the wrong place till you reach the third floor. Keep going and you'll find this vibrant rooftop shack that's totally worth the physical exertion of climbing so many stairs.

I started with a cold coffee and it came in this glass bottle printed with health-related words I don't live by. It felt good to sip on it while the sun gleamed in full power. Next up, 'Papa Kancha' was a very creative mix of coca cola, crushed mint and orange pulp that tasted lovely. Papa Kancha, as all Pretentious Movie Reviews fans would know, can mean anything and everything depending on the situation. Loved this funky name for the mocktail.

My absolute favourite dish was Ching Chong Chilly and it was also the most innovative dish on the menu. So, these are spinach flour fritters stuffed with a melt-in-mouth mixture of paneer, cheese, loads of garlic and schezwan spices. These are a little hot but only as spicy as one can comfortably take, and  are hand-moulded into the shapes of chillies before deep frying. Do order this one if you visit Inniciio and I can confidently say you won't regret it. 

Next up, Maggi Bhel was interesting. Don't worry, that's not raw maggi- the noodles are roasted and prepared in the style of the good ol' tangy Bhel we all love. It also has our favourite 'Maggi Masala', along with tomato, capsicum, onion, coriander and a generous squeeze of lemon. This is the kind of snack I crave everyday with my evening tea and it's so easy to make!

Mix sauce pasta wasn't really of my taste but it is one of the best sellers at Inniciio among college-goers. I thought that it was perfectly creamy- you could taste the alfredo but the flavours of red sauce were somewhat missing. Amount of veggies and toppings are good too, just didn't like the sauce very much. They serve really generous quantities of pasta, the picture that you see here is just half of the actual portion.

I was craving something light and crunchy for dessert and wanted to stay away from the regular brownies, pastries and ice creams. Since, it is the 'innovator's cafe', I just had to try something that sounded exciting. The owner of the cafe suggested these mighty golden crispies tossed in honey and sesame- Yo Yo Honey Singh, as they call it. Vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup came as a dip along with it. It was delicious- you could just go on munching on them no matter how full your tummy was. Plus, fancy or simple, the whole idea of desserts is to give your meal a happy ending, right? This one did just that.

Even though the location is a little congested and chaotic, I am sure Cafe Inniciio will charm you into wanting to come back again and again. I can't wait to try out the new menu they are launching soon. A 3.5 out of 5 for this one!

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