FAIDA : Bringing barter back

By 14:06 Friday 12 June 2015

If you are an impulsive buyer like me, you must be having trouble accommodating stuff that you wanted but didn't really need. The useless impulse buys not only waste a lot of your living space but also remind you of the money you wasted every time you see them. Take scenario two, you've used and loved a particular durable product for so long that you're just bored of it- but it is still in a good enough condition. There is a way two make these two situations profitable- Faida.com , an online portal that facilitates exchange of your old items for something that you need- without any cash.

My closet is currently exploding with clothes that I am never going to wear. Our storeroom is full of old furniture which is in good condition but just not required. Brand new crockery is still packed because mom doesn’t like the design. The vintage vase in the living room is beautiful but we are so over it. If you are facing the same situations, try easy online barter with Faida.com!

What Faida.com does is bring buyers and sellers together on an online platforms by way of listings so that they can find useful things in place of old items. There are categories like Mobiles, Furniture, Stationery, Vehicles and even Books that you can exchanged. What is unuseful for you might just be on top of another person’s wishlist. I think it is a great way to profitize impulse buys, old items, and unused gifts.

You need to follow the following steps to close a deal :

1) Search for suitable items in the listing

2) Make Exchange request by offering your item in exchange 

3) Finalize deal and deliver or handover items

With each exchange, Faida users get reward points which can later be redeemed for vouchers and merchandise. What a win-win, right? Go, check out the latest listings and find something awesome.

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