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Home decor items are something that I've always been comfortable in shopping for online. What I look for, other than quality and affordability, is the uniqueness of the items. I like to buy something that I haven't ever seen before in anyone's house. One such wonderfully curated home decor website is www.homesake.in that I found out about just last week. 

I am a sucker for everything colourful and the vibrant online store is full of things you'd need for a happy home. It has four categories- Home decor, Table top, Jewellery and gifts. You will also find a touch of Indian artistry in most of the products. Here I take you through what all I ordered from Homesake:

#1. Bead Wrap Napkin rings { Price: Rs. 480 } , these are just the right amount of bling my dining table could use. The colour complements the wooden top of my table. Buy here.

#2. Star glass candle holder { Price: Rs 250 } , I liked the colour, I liked the embellishments, my mom likes putting tea lights- SOLD! Buy here.

#3. Yellow Pitcher Vase { Price: Rs 650 } , yellow is something that instantly lights up a room! I have a lot of white going on in my bedroom and this one gives my shelf a pop. Buy here.

#4. Green Necklet { Price: Rs. 180 } : For days when I feel ethnic. Buy here .

#5. Glossy votive set { Price: Rs. 450 } : Isn't it just the perfect gift, a token of happiness for your own home or someone else's. Buy here

#6. Gold Beaded Placemat { Price: 770 } : It has a very neutral tone and it matches with the napkin rings! Buy here.

Do let me know about your shopping experience at Homesake.in !

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