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The house I live in turned 16 years old last April. Naturally, over all these years, it has lost its sheen and newness, despite many rounds of repainting. One of the main causes is the dampness in the exterior walls. Dampness is a problem that one should carefully deal with at the very first stage of construction because it gets increasingly difficult to fix once the moisture creeps in. Plus, you can’t prevent moisture because it is present everywhere, right from the building materials used in the walls to the air that surrounds them. Strong winds that make rains strike the walls of your house also allow moisture to seep in. 

Dampness is actually excess moisture in the walls that is unable to escape. This happens due to incorrect waterproofing methods that trap moisture instead of allowing excess moisture to pass through the walls into the open air. You would know your walls are suffering from this problem when you experience that stale smell and witness ugly patches that mess with the entire look of your house. Nothing makes a house look duller and gloomier than dampness! Moreover, excess moisture causes damp and mould that come with various health issues like skin rashes, allergic reactions, and even asthma attacks. This affects the overall hygiene of the house you live in.

So, the best way to avoid this situation is to take effective steps and expert guidance at the very beginning of the house planning and layout. One should not compromise on quality and rather think of waterproofing expenses as an investment—the return being good-looking and damp-free houses in the years to come. I say this, because we did not pay much attention to this aspect and then ultimately suffered and had to spend a lot on waterproofing within two years of the construction of the house. Make sure you use quality water proofing solutions such as the Smart Care range from Asian Paints. Consult an expert for complete solutions before the damp sets in. Don’t wait for a problem to occur before attempting a solution because prevention is always better than cure.

Image Source: www.asianpaints.com

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