{SummerSpecials} : Fruity Mojitos at Hard Rock

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What: #SummerOfTheLegends Menu- Fresh fruit Mojitos and new appetizers
Where: Hard Rock Cafe, Saket & Gurgaon
When: 1st June to 5th July 2015

Let delicious, fresh fruit cocktails take over the heat while you thank god for summers! The new #SummerOfTheLegends festival at Hard Rock Cafe is all about celebrating summers with the most loved fruits of the season. The hearty, icy concoctions of fruits, syrups and White Rum along with the typical freshness of mint and lemon is every cocktail enthusiast's dream come true. Choose what you may from a range of seven equally slurpy and refreshing mojitos- Kiwi, Apple, Strawberry, Tender Coconut, Malta and Vanilla, and Pineapple and Caramel. There's also new food additions to the menu for the festival with Lebanese and New-York style appetizers like Red Hot Chili Fries {Cajun spiced crispy fries topped with a cheddar cheese sauce, sweet chili drizzle and tangy salsa} , the near-mythical Soul Burger {grilled creole spice infused patty layered with pizza sauce, pepperoni and Swiss Cheese} or the Falafel Fiesta {crisp falafel ‘bullets’ , tangy pickled vegetables, garlic mayonnaise and humus sauce}.

The very signature mojitos are made extra special with pretty mason jars that you can hold onto, while enjoying live screenings of iconic world music concerts. HRC has partnered with Universal Studios for the festival and you can slurp on the fruity goodness while witnessing the exclusive live concert screenings from some of the greatest musicians of all time! Also, on June 14, HRC turns 45 and the first hundred burgers are priced at just Rs. 45. I'd say that's the best day to try out the new menu.

I tried the Malta and Vanilla Mojito which was the prettiest of all and the combination sounded really interesting. Vanilla goes really well the citrusy orange flavour. Other flavours that were well-loved on the table include Tender Coconut and Pineapple and Caramel. Coming to food, I loved the chilli fries, the salsa was perfect and the cheese just made everything better. Although it is not very filling or something really extra-ordinary, the dish makes for the perfect accompaniment to the mojitos. I also had the Falafel Fiesta, which was quite okay, in my opinion and could've used some more dressings in the otherwise dry wrap. Non-vegetarians have slightly more and better options- if you are one, you can try the hearty Soul Burger, which was quite well-liked by other bloggers.  Don't miss the month-long festival and visit for the mojitos, themed nights and live concert screenings!

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