{TriedAndTasted} : Niice Cream, Hauz Khas Village

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What: Nitrogen icecreams
Where: Niicecream, Shop 2 and 3, Building 9, Hauz Khas Village
Cost: 300 for two

All of a sudden, liquid nitrogen is everywhere. In this one month, I have had nitrogen papri chaat, nitrogen mocktails and just last week, I chanced upon nitrogen icecreams. Niice Cream in Hauz Khas Village opened this January with an interesting concept of 'Instant icecreams' that are fresh and especially made in front of you using nitrogen. As a customer, I can't help but feel special to get a scoop of icecream that has been prepared just for me and is not coming out of pre-made tubs. Niice cream feels nice.

Apart from the experience, Niice Cream tastes nice as well. The texture of the icecream is so rich and creamy, and much to my surprise, not at all icy. Niice Cream lets me decide how creamy I want my icecream, what combinations and toppings I prefer and even what colour I want my icecream to be. Red coloured vanilla, anyone? You can just have fun and go crazy and create a new, unique flavour each time you visit the quaint, little parlour. 

After scanning the 5-step 'Make your Own' menu, I was confused between Blueberry Cheesecake and Nutella but we all know which one won, don't we? A lot of pleasant smoke and a little waiting later, my Nutella icecream was handed to me with a syringe of chocolate syrup. I won't lie, pushing the syringe did get me a little excited. This is the best icecream I've had in a long time. The nutella flavour is bang on and it isn't over-chocolaty. Do try this one before you try anything else!

Next up, I tried the Ferrero Rocher Icecream with caramel bites as toppings. I wish I had gone for a different topping but enjoyed it, nonetheless. By enjoy I mean enjoyed the first three bites because this one is actually meant for hard core chocolate fanatics and was a little too sweet/chocolaty for me. If you love chocolate for real, go for this one.

So, you've got choices to have your icecream- you can either have it as a scoop, shake or with waffles- they call it Niice Burger. I paired my waffles with a dazzling scoop of peach icecream  and I wasn't disappointed. The waffles were a little overdone but they were crisp, warm and were thoroughly enjoyed. { Pro-tip : Don't try to be well-mannered and use the plastic fork and knife- you will break them. Pick the waffle up, dig it into the icecream and let things get messy, for the love of icecream! } I think any damn flavour in the world goes well with waffles so just pick your favourite one and enjoy!  

 Niice Cream is trying to do something different and making the joy of having an icecream a little more special. The outlet is pretty colourful and cozy and can accommodate just five to six people at a time. I am looking forward to going here again and create something crazy- maybe even intimidating- yet delicious. A 3.5 out of 5 for this one!

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