Review: The California Boulevard {Gurgaon}

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Where: The California Boulevard, Gurgaon, Sector-29
Cuisine: American, Asian, European
Cost: 1700 for two

Good food just keeps coming to me and I cannot be more grateful! This realization struck after a hearty lunch at The California Boulevard with my mom, one fine rainy Saturday. The weather was violent as ever but we didn't alter our lunch plans- and I am so glad we didn't!

Let's just say- we ate our hearts out. The chef pampered us with taste yet filling portions of different dishes- something from each section of the menu (the quantities you see in the pictures are not the actual ones- I needed variety- hence, smaller portions).

It all began with Sicilian  Minestrone- Italian vegetable soup with garlic bread- tomato, parmesan and bits of pasta- all coming together like magic. It was as tangy as I could take, with a delicate sweetness that was comforting- a good soup ought to be comforting. For drinks, we ordered Green Apple and Clove Lemonade and Chamomile and Passion Fruit Iced Tea- if you thought there's nothing better than cinnamon with apple, clove will prove you wrong. Both the drinks are highly recommended, in case you feel like sipping on something non-alcoholic.

You know how I stop reading the menu further once I spot "cheese", right? No, it doesn't make me a bad food blogger! Cheese Fondue came right on time- with some super-simple sides, fries, broccoli, cucumber, carrot and some crackers. It wasn't my favourite from what I had but it passed on the basis of the fact that everything tastes better with some molten cheese. Next up, Spinach and Walnut Seekh redefined melt-in-mouth for me. This is the first dish I have ever tried of this combination and damn, it works. It was served with tamarind and mint chutneys- what else does one need with kebabs, anyway? These were perfectly cooked, nutty, earthy and flavourful. Sushi Paneer was cottage cheese rolls stuffed generously with minced mushroom and cheese, along with a dash of coriander, ginger  and mint- that's how TCB does sushi and I am not complaining! Mix vegetable and chive dumplings tasted as good as they look! Carefully tied with a sprig (I am guessing green onion), the dumplings were an absolute delight to have (read: hog). 

Dilli ki chaat is the lightest chaat you'll ever have- batter fried spinach leaves, drizzled with some good ol' dahi, mint and tamarind chutneys and loads of sev- you NEED to have this for its simplicity. And no, don't even think of touching that spoon. Pick this one up leaf by leaf and pop it in like you don't even care that people are watching.

California Veggie Pizza was like every pizza in the world should be. The crust was baked crisp to perfection. The veggies and the sauce and the cheese (you all know what goes into a pizza) and everything else was just usual- but the baking technique, the base and the wood fired oven did the trick.

Here comes the star of the afternoon- Spinach and Ricotta cheese kofta- paneer dumplings wrapped with spinach floating in a sinful makhni sauce- by far, the tastiest kofta dish I've had. I ordered a Garlic Naan for breads and it was a match made in heaven. This is the one thing I am definitely ordering again when I visit TCB again. 

Desserts however, could've done better. I was not particularly happy with the Classic Tiramisu, even though it looked like it came straight out of my dreams. It was semi-set in a pretty cup with crumbs of biscuit. Order if you like coffee and mousse! TCB Kulfi Gazzak was enjoyed solely by mom and I take her words for it- the kulfi was creamy and nutty and paired well with the classic peanut chikki. Interestingly, it was all covered and freezed in a chocolate shell which was defrosted in front of us using a blow torch! 

The ambience and interiors are inspired from Hollywood- screens run slideshow of celebs, the floor's got appliques like the walk of fame and the outdoor decor screams of everything that's oh-so California- let's not forget the mighty Harley that greets you at the entrance. Great food, attentive staff and a chef that can translate food into happiness- it has got everything you look for in a restaurant. Here's a 4.5 out of 5 for you, TCB- you deserve it!

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