Chi Asian Cookhouse {Janpath}

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Where: 68/1, Janpath 
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Thai
Cost: 1400 for two

Chi Asian Cookhouse, Janpath is as serene as an indoor restaurant can get. It gets its name from a Japanese word that denotes the steam rising out of rice when it cooks. I am not too big on Asian food but this one turned out be a fantastic dining experience which was not just about tasting but for me, it was about discovering new flavours and cuisine. The ambience of the place is cheerful yet sophisticated. Expect bright yellows and teals, comfortable wooden seating and ample lighting (there's a section with dim lighting too). Here I am, giving you a vegetarian's verdict of the food:

Buddha's Palm is an enticing mocktail that leaves you wanting for more after each sip. Fresh orange beautifully comes together with a hint of Kafir lime. South Asian Fizz was this wonderful concoction of Green apple syrup, ginger ale and fresh green apple slices to top it up. 

I had the Chiang Mei Glass Noodles soup- delightful veg broth, silky glass noodles, fresh vegetables and very minimally seasoned. I loved the soup and it was the perfect start to the meal. However, I had a hard time getting the noodles on to my soup spoon which was a let down. Also. the soup is served in a dish with a very wide mouth which causes it to cool down quicker. So even though I loved the soup, I suggested a better bowl and cutlery to serve it with.

Broccoli and Mushroom Satay with Peanut Relish was a delight- skewered broccoli and mushrooms came with a spicy, nutty marination. A roasted peanut condiment accompanied it. Goi Cuan Chay were rice paper sheets rolled with mint leaves and stuffed with a very basic mix of glass noodles and carrot- steamed to perfection. Dimsums was Tofu Tausi- silky tofu cubes that were sinking in a black bean sauce. This one was my least favourite dish for the evening. Chi has quite a lot of options when it comes to non vegetarian dimsums, though.

Do not, I repeat, do not miss the Flavoured Jasmine Rice, that are perfectly cooked with gentle aromas of garlic and coriander. The yellow vegetable curry was especially prepared for the tasting session- a strong base of coconut milk reduced in Asian spices, complete with fried vegetables, garnished with roasted peanuts- perfect accompaniment to the rice! The glistening veg Mandarin Noodles were just as perfect- very minimally seasoned, and the crunchy vegetables added a dash of freshness.

Coconut Pancakes with Vanilla Icecream were the highlight of my evening.  Buttery pancakes with a generous and gooey coconut filling, drizzled with orange syrup and a scoop of vanilla on the side- what more can one ask for?

Definitely a great addition to the line up of restaurants on Janpath, I am looking forward to more evenings at Chi. A 3.5 out of 5, for this one! 

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