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Where: Jamie's Pizzeria, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon
Cuisine: Italian
Cost: 1000 for two

With social media constantly buzzing about restaurant openings in the capital every single day, very few of them actually get me excited anymore. I have literally been counting days to the opening of Jamie's Pizzeria in India- one could say that I've had enough of those INSANELY overloaded Americanised pizzas we Delhiites {or Indians} have practically grew up on. I mean, CAN I PUHLEASE have some pizza with that cheese? Don't get me wrong, I am all for it but I think we are just over doing it now. We're becoming the "extra cheese" generation- there's cheese running in our veins and lethargy, everywhere else.

Pizzas can be indulgent enough with the basics and basics alone and Jamie Oliver is God in that department- I know, I'm completely floored. I used to belive that if there's too much hype around something, it is bound to fail. Jamie's Pizzeria proved me wrong and delightfully so.

Now that my little rant is done with, let's come to the actual food. Okra {Ladyfinger} and Lotus Stem Fritters {INR 129} was something I hadn't expected on the menu. Jamie has clearly tried to play around with familiar Indian ingredients- probably, to warm us up to the Italian surprises he's got in store. Very basic, batter coated, crisp and spicy with a gentle sprinkle of paprika, the fritters had me excited. The refreshing Indian green mint dip makes it all the more better. 

Hand-stretched Garlic bread with Rosemary and Olive Tapenade {INR 129} is the best vegetarian appetiser on the menu- it's crisp, fresh baked and fragrant as a dream. A *Special mention* is deserved by the olive and sundried tomato dip that takes the garlic bread to another level- if they decide to bottle it up and sell it, I am buying.

Mushroom Crostini {INR 229} has a gooey wild mushroom and rocket leaves topping that just melts in the mouth- I have to appreciate that generous drizzle of olive oil. Caprese Salad {INR  149} was probably my least favourite thing- maybe because I was in a mood for pizza or maybe because I am just not big on salads. It was a pretty sight of cherry tomatoes, sherry vinegar, buffalo mozzarella and basil. Crispy Baby Potatoes {INR119} with rosemary, garlic, olive oil and parmesan were a more elegant version of the good ol' potato wedges we're so used to having. Nothing extraordinary.

Coming to the showstoppers, the pizzas look plain and simple at first but one bite, and you'll know what the fuss is all about. The toppings are concentrated in the centre, and there's just a decent amount of it.  Despite that, the pizzas are not dry or dull. The topping-less edges which are otherwise my least favourite thing about a pizza were a pleasure to bite through. The crust is hand stretched- upto 11", baked with love in the open kitchen {you can watch your pizza getting made} and served with a smile by the lovely staff. 

The good thing is, that I did not feel neglected as a vegetarian. There was plenty to choose from, and the decision was tough! I finally decided on trying the Chilli Freak {INR329} -which by the way is Jamie's favourite, they say- comes with Jalapenos, a secret chilli sauce, mint and parmesan. It is so damn spicy, I was on fire. Try it if you're up for some adventure, I'll probably pass . My favourite was the White Rocket {INR 349}- mozzarella, cheddar, mascarpone, parmesan, rocket and red chilli- simplicity at its best. Paneer Picante {INR 379} was a little too sweet {and Indian} for my taste. Funghi Woodman {399} is my second favourite, for its smoked mozzarella and red onion.

I had the Mango Sorbet {INR 99/scoop} for dessert- just the right amount of sweet and icy- loved it. I have to go back and try the tiramisu because I am crazy about desserts like that. 

The cheerful ambience, soothing colours and good music- it's a lively place to be at. For drinks, I just had the Home made iced tea which was pretty ok. The prices are pocket friendly too! Here's what you shouldn't expect from Jamie's Pizzeria:
- Peace and quiet
- Cheese bursts and anything even remotely similar to Domino's/PizzaHut

Jamie's Pizzeria By Jamie Oliver Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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