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By 11:10 Sunday 13 December 2015 ,

What: Cafe food with a healthy twist at GetAFix 
Where: M-15, M Block Market, GK-1
Cuisine: Health food, smoothies, juices
Cost: 1000 for two

What ideated as a stop for juices and health drinks only, GetAFix finally conceptualised into a full fledged cafe, and a pretty one at that. You can stop over at the quaint cafe to grab a quick bite in between your shopping spree, or spend productive hours working from here {they've got free WiFi and a great playlist}, or simply sip on that warm cuppa while flipping through one of the books from their little library. 

For a small cafe, GetAFix is intelligently designed to accommodate the maximum seating while remaining spacious. The mint blue walls give it a very dreamy vibe, well complemented by fairy lights and super-cute wooden furniture. Overall, the feel and look of the place is very warm and welcoming.

I began my meal with the Khal Strawfo Fix {Rs. 225}, a very thick, very heavy smoothie of mango, strawberry, basil and yoghurt- it was refreshing in a weird sort of way. The size of the glass was huge- I couldn't have finished it alone. I enjoyed the newness of flavours but since I'm not a big fan of smoothies, it was the food that I was looking forward to.

Grilled Cottage Cheese Sandwich {Rs. 275} came with generous filling of sauteed bell peppers, zucchini, cottage cheese strips and pesto in a delicious multi-grain bread- I was floored! It was definitely my favourite of all the things I tried. The Popeye Pizza {Rs. 345} with spinach, corn and ricotta cheese was as greasy as a healthy pizza should be. The crust was so perfectly crisp and tasted great even without the toppings. Veg Lasagne {Rs. 345} had some good points- the stuffing was a healthy one, majorly made of carrot, mushroom and zucchini, but I felt it was a little dry! It could have used a little sauce. The Oven Baked Nachos {Rs. 145} were the least favoured on the table. I feel they were just served wrongly as nachos. The wheat lavash-like chips, that they've tried to substitute nachos with, could have tasted great with hummus or any other Lebanese dip. 

Most of the desserts are successful experiments. The Sugar free Brownie {Rs. 165}, for instance, hits the right spot with minimum calories. The slice of Carrot Cake {Rs. 145} has a delightful spicy kick of cinnamon and the sweetness of dates. Diet Vanilla Pound Cake {Rs. 125}, though a little dense was super moist, drizzled with honey and nuts. The winner however, was the Lime Pie {Rs. 165}. The tangy lemon curd rested on a crust of digestive biscuit, complete with a layer of gelatin to cut the sourness of the curd- GENIUS! 

The prices are a wee bit high, if you ask me- but that's what you're paying to get better quality and healthier ingredients in your food. GetAFix gets its name from a popular Asterix comics character, but stands true to it by providing you your fix of healthy yet delicious food. A 3.5 out of 5 for this one! 

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