A bag should be two things.. {feat. Chiaroscuro}

By 11:53 Saturday 19 December 2015 , ,

There's no such thing as 'too many bags' in your wardrobe- and yet, there are some that truly stand out. What makes those pieces special is the ease of carrying them around and how they can amp up any damn outfit. You don't have to put much thought into whether or not they would go well with the outfit because that's how fail proof they are. A bag should be two things- versatile and functional.

The latest addition to my ever-increasing bag family is this beige Ellie from Chiaroscuro bags. It is a wallet but can also be a mini sling whenever you please- thanks to the detachable chain. It's got ample space to carry cash, cards and small make up products. The texture is lovely, the leather- great quality. The clasp is a clean, golden one that isn't too complicated to open or lock. I am particularly fond of the earthy beige colour that goes well with every outfit in the world. I took my new Ellie out for a spin recently and tried to style it in two completely different ways!

#1. I refuse to give up skirts just because it's winters.

#2. I have stopped believing in skinny jeans

You'll be seeing me with my Chiaroscuro wallet very often. Don't forget to check out the full range of beautiful handmade bags on their website.

P.S. Happy Holidays! xx

{Photographs by Kunal Sachdeva}

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  1. Wow!! The pictures are so good! And your fashion sense is amazing!! Keep it up!!